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Apple kill third party SSD support in Yosemite

Andrew Reid

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The problem is that you are using an unsupported hack to enable TRIM on 3rd party drives. In my testing having TRIM on or off on the  Crucial M4 or M500 in my Mac pros made no difference so I didn't bother using TRIM Enabler & hence I had no problem upgrading to Yosemite & this is doubtless the same with the others posting here who are running Yosemite with 3rd party SSDs without problems.


Here is the explanation of what's happened with TRIM Enabler from the author of the software http://www.cindori.org/trim-enabler-and-yosemite/

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I think is not SSD but enclosure, and I would bet my money on Thunderbolt, since U said on USB 3.0 it was working, od did I get something wrong ?


You got something wrong. I believe you didn't read the post properly, that may be where the error lies!

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DO NOT upgrade to Yosemite if you are booting from a third party SSD drive.


I think you should consider reversing the highlight in that sentence. Starting the bold text from the word if, not before it. The way it is now looks a bit daft. 


That's not the only solution. Another solution is to not buy into the Apple ecosystem.


Yeah, well, consider yourself lucky with your other solution. Yours may just not be enough for some others. 


Other than that, Mac vs. Windows (or Linux) is as productive as Canon vs. Nikon (or Canikon vs. Olysonicsontaxleicafilm), so let's not even start, please.

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