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Surprise! 4K Super 35mm JVC GY-LS300 costs just $4K

Andrew Reid

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"it only covers a center part of it, so you crop out the black area around it, and you get the native field of view of the lens as you do on a m43s sensor"


Good to know there's someone out there that agrees with me.


Good to know that JVC will do as they say and keep the native field of view of the lens. Not confusing or badly worded at all.

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One thing is not really clear to me. It has a S35 sensor but a MFT mount. So when you mount a native MFT lens on it, the field of view will be like MFT, or 2x crop. Right?

And what happens when you mount S35 lenses on it with MFT Speedbooster? You will get a s35 FOV right? And when you mount a Full Frame lens?

So do I understand it correctly that the only way to get a s35 FOV one needs to use a Speedbooster to achieve that? Or will a simple MFT -> S35 adapter also do the trick? Which one? :D

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