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Latest BBC controversy

Andrew Reid

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The idea of editorial independence was enshrined in the BBC’s founding Royal Charter in 1927, which stated the corporation should be “independent in all matters of internal control.” This was a way of ensuring the BBC’s coverage was not subject to political interference or pressure from any external sources such as the government.

Now the editorial independence of the BBC is at best completely neutered by the Conservative Party. Many talented journalists have left. In many respects the best news organisation in the world has taken to sourcing stories purely from Twitter and social media.


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2 things. BBC still didn't cover the issue and the public made it clear that it won't pass like yesterday's news.

In Greece in the tiny railway network we have (one of the smallest and most expensive in Europe) we had a train collision with 60 dead and many injured (young university students most of them, very bright they seemed) and that is the result of decades of public and social corruption (the man was in charged of the line, was put there a month ago at 59 years of age from the ruling party, he became "eligible" in a few weeks of training! even though they had spend hundreds of millions, still the line didn't have any warning system! And many illegalities between the state train company and the Italian buyer of the line, and the state totally absent for all these years, with no regulation at all).

The press, except only a couple totally indie media and a few communist and anarchist tiny press  outlets, tried to cover up because there were the national elections to be held, near the commemoration of the dead, and Greece is a very conservative and religious country, so they were afraid they are going to loose votes. First they are talking about "unlucky events and the bad moment", like you need the mercy of God to work a train! and trying with character murder to put all the blame to the one person, the one they put there, which the poor person was a farmer originally, but with political connections (rousfeti, they are called, the word came from the Ottoman era and means the political favor..) he became from a farmer, a railway porter and then a station master!

Still, I see the reaction in U.K, some protests in Greece, and the big ones in Israel, and I hope not all is lost..I can only be moderately optimistic at the moment.






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On 3/14/2023 at 12:13 PM, Kisaha said:

Still, I see the reaction in U.K, some protests in Greece, and the big ones in Israel, and I hope not all is lost..I can only be moderately optimistic at the moment

Speaking of protests there are massive strikes in the UK and hundreds of thousands of people on the streets. Very little coverage of these people parading through the streets of London demanding better pay. Yet during Brexit, Nigel Farage could turn up with 12 people and a dog, and be all over the BBC News. "Man of the people" that he is.

The BBC has a problem.

It's main role is to report factually, objectively yet clearly some facts are too political and too inconvenient to air.

If the BBC came out and objectively labelled Boris Johnson a compulsive liar, it would be a statement of fact.

Yet they won't as it will obviously be seen as a political opinion.

Regardless of whether certain people are proven liars and lawbreakers, facts seem to cease to be impartial when they're about the personal.

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