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Nikon D750 review - initial thoughts and real-world footage - ladies and gentleman we have a contender!

Andrew Reid

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So a 1.1x crop? Seems a bit too little for how much it crops I would say it's at least 1.2x but yes not as far as 1.3x. How could I know accurately the crop factor?


If you check the specs for D810:


"FX-format photographs taken in movie live view: 6720 x 3776 (L), 5040 x 2832 (M), 3360 x 1888 (S)"


As I said - I highly suspect 6720x3776 to be the full readout size being made on the D810 (probably with line skipping).

To test this, set the D810 on a tripod and shoot a video as well as a Large (L) still image in movie live view. Your image at the size of 6720x3776 should match up with the crop of your video clip.


Source, D810 specs: http://imaging.nikon.com/lineup/dslr/d810/spec.htm

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its not exactly discreet :)

maybe you can plug in other mics?

​Yes, why would they put white lettering on there? I know you could scrape it off but that's not the point. It seems to have a 3.5mm audio input to plug in another mic. 

I think it would make a good backup or for use in areas where you're not bothered that you can see it.

I think the new Rode wireless solution still looks like a good bet at this stage.

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I just saw this video, I don't think you need more detail (stock 24 mbit) to shoot human beings and this is at 1600 ISO!!!!! I think that the grade might be a little bit high, but it gives us and idea how much this base codec can be graded. He wants to know if people want more detailed test, so you can go to his vimeo account and encourage him to do so.

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Might be of interest to D750 owners, particularly in light of the new Rode wireless mic.product announced recently.

A simple clip on wireless mic. setup for $250


​Isn't this the Bluetooth set that both Canon and Sony already sell? I'm not confident of Bluetooth as a hi-fidelity wireless solution.

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Sorry to bump this topic up after such a long time but I always wondered about the HDMI out with an external recorder, which was hinted at for the second part of the review which apparently never happened.

My question would be, how much does external recording in a less compressed format like ProRes LT or HQ help on the D750 with wide shots like landscapes, especially when there's a fair bit of movement (grass, trees, the sea, etc.)? Did anyone test this?

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