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The digital zoom on the a7s is almost lossless


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I did some tests with the intelligent digital zoom on the a7s and I'm pretty convinced it's some kind of sensor crop. My theory is that the processor is cropping into the 4k video to get the zoom as opposed to cropping into the 1080p video. So the video quality is actually really good.


Here's a video showing some tests I did with it. 

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

I watched the video but couldn't tell exactly what this means. So we have:
full frame: and from that 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 2x crop
and from APS-C: 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 2x crop?

Therefore we have around super 16 crop (APS-C + 2x) with minimal loss in quality? That's potentialy a huge find. If it's true this is the camera to get for prime lenses.

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Digital clearzoom on the Sony A7 cameras is great.      Allows many different things.


I have my A7 set to use it on the fly with the down button of the four way buttons to engage it, the WB button to zoom in and the drive button to zoom back out.


It means you can use fast primes to zoom while filming (unlike my GX7 which has a lossless teleconverter for video that you have to stop shooting to switch to and from).


It also means you can dial in a little digital zoom and use APSC E mount lenses FF for video.     That means a lens like the 50 1.8 OSS lens can be used FF for video stabilized (and at a fraction the price of the Zeiss 55 1.8 for about the same angle of view).    At wider apertures the cheaper lens might be sharper too.


You can even use full digital zoom (variable out to 4x) though beyond 2x and maybe a little less it does show as a bit lossy.


EDIT    this was a lame test I did a while ago using the Clearzoom to zoom in using my normal A7 in both FF and APSC modes (A7s will come later for me) and a 50 1.8 Nikon lens at 5.6.

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Oh and another lens to try with digital zoom (for both stills and video) on the A7 cameras is the m4/3 Olympus 15mm f8 Body cap lens.


FF on the A7 you have to use about 1.8x clearzoom to avoid vignetting and about 1.3 times in APSC mode.


I actually think the lens is BETTER used this way on the A7 (and A7R and A7S most likely) than on my GX7.


It is a low quality lens but still CAN be ok and very very small and fun to use.    The adapter is very thin (and sharp to touch) and cheap but the lens has little control on any camera (including M4/3) and relies on DOF.      F8 on FF is ample DOF though.


given it is a $50 lens, it might be worthwhile and more so if you have both a M4/3 camera and an A7 series camera.

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