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Last call for the Van Diemen Iscorama V2.0 upgrade!

Andrew Reid

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Iscorama 1.5x 36 anamorphic

If you want your Iscorama to join an elite of less than 20 in existence - high performance ones with greatly improved handling and construction, then you have until Tuesday 2nd September to join the EOSHD / Andrew Wonder group buy! Email EOSHD here to join the list.

The modification made in the UK by cine lens specialists Van Diemen will build into the lens a brand new focus movement, for a shorter throw of 150 degrees. Much better for follow focuses and quicker manual focus by hand. Close focus will come down to 3 ft 6 inch with the aim of this coming down even further when engineering begins. Along with robust metal housing replacing the plastic housing of the Iscorama, the new lens will have the ability to add a lens support for those using 15mm rods.

Read the full article here
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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

How long will it take till I see my lens back? A redesign (which is what would be needed) takes 1-2 months in the least - should the start right away. I doubt they will start till they see money first. And even if they start right away, which I doubt since they are know for taking your money and letting you wait a month or two before beginning your work, it will be 3-4 months before I see my lens, no? Probably more, I am counting 6 Months. That would mean all my money and my lens would be gone for 6 Months. Dont know if you can live without your Isco this long but I cant. I think the best way is a downpayment, and paying the full price when the Iscos are done. Anything else seems quite unfair to me - and as a "motivation" for them to finish on time, there needs to be a penalty like a discount if it takes longer. I mean for 15 rehousings they are taking in what 45000$ ? The aluminum parts will be roughly the same as with V1, just a pice or two more, so I dont see the price being justified. Anyone tried asking Duclos? I guess for 15 rehousings he'd make us a fair price. I think 1500$ is more than justified for a small rehousing like that. There are full rehousings of taking lenses that cost 2000$, the isco is rather "simple" in comparison. -H

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If I hadn't upgraded my Isco to V1 - I probably would have been interested. It's a lot of money though. Have you tried others as hydarnes suggests? I know that it would take longer to figure out a design, since others haven't been working on the Isco's - i'm just asking out of curiosity.


Duclos is great - Dante Ceccins (PrimeCircle) work also looks great.


My V1 is just sitting on the shelf - at the moment i'm just hating it - mainly because of the long focus throw, and the non-protruding rear. Doesn't fit any of my 50's without vignetting like insane. Van Dieme should have added a detachable rear - and extra parts to screw on, from 1-2cm protrusion to flat rear. And a place to add a lens support ring/clamp of some kind. Weak first design.

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Makes me sad to hear that you are not using your isco.

Cant think of a solution, only those that are at high-risk of damaging the glas but maybe you could ask them to send it in so they can swap it out (for a small fee)? Technically it should work.But anyway it is a shame.


I will contact Mathew and also ask Dante, see if they are willing to do a full rehousing for 1500$. Besides the price, time is also very important. Most of us cant wait 6 Months for their lens to return. Also I will see if they accept a downpayment of 30%. Any other wishes?

If anybody is interested, pm me.


About the long focus throw with the V1: If all you want is a 150 degree focus, then maybe an electronic followfocus might be enough. Redrockmicro got this cool solution (which I have been planning to buy for some time now) :




So instead of a 2800-3000$ rehousing for a 150 degree focus, might as well get a followfocus for 1600$. Or you could get a second isco (though not in best shape) as a backup/spare.


Crossing fingers these 15 V2's will be great - you guys gotta keep us updated.



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My V1 is just sitting on the shelf - at the moment i'm just hating it - mainly because of the long focus throw, and the non-protruding rear. Doesn't fit any of my 50's without vignetting like insane.


What about the pancakes? Nikon E-series 50mm F1.8 is one of the best lenses for the Iscorama.

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@EOSHS : Haven't tried the Nikons yet. Tried it with Canon FDs, EFs and Helios. Bought a A7s, which hopefully gives me some better options regarding fitting older lenses compared to the 5DmkIII. And then there is the APS-C bonus, so I can test out a couple of 35mms as well.


In the article at the top, it says:


"The V1 rehousing puts the lens in a better casing and builds a removable adaptor onto it that allows you to screw the Isco directly onto your taking lens."


I wasn't aware that it was possible to remove the rear part - haven't dared to try - how do I do that?






Hahaha, they never told me it was detachable, and there wasn't any pictures on the site when I bought mine. I've loosend the screw before, but it didn't come off - guess I would have to use some force?

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