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Blackmagic to release new 'unified' firmware update for all cameras

Andrew Reid

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Well argued. This counterbalances my one-sided phrasing with which I tried to counterbalance other things. We are getting close. Now allow me to go on. 


But better not, since this is a serious gear-oriented forum, and I don't want to risk my reputation by disagreeing with two moderators at once. 

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Blackmagic firmware Version 1.8 is set to be released for all cameras simultaneously. The good news is that the work to create a unified firmware seems to be done. This was the work which for s

I disagree. I think his videos wouldn't look substantially worse without RAW. I think it is indeed Canon that should be mainly credited for making a hardware product that allows you complete freedom i

Not yet. Seems to have been a shot in the dark. Accidently published a beta version too soon?   A histogram would be very good.   As others have pointed out, instead of changing the design of the

Origin of term Forum - 1460, "place of assembly in ancient Rome," from L. forum "marketplace" apparently akin to foris, foras"out of doors, outside." Sense of "assembly, place for public discussion" first recorded 1690.


A marketplace is supposed to be a bit messy and chaotic. Don't worry about your reputation and say what you think, just don't throw rotten tomatoes. ;)

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BM stated a while ago, that the problem with deleting single clips in camera was the risk of fragmentation, which particularly affected  videos with high data rates, therefore they would never implement it. So if the only way to go is to format the whole volume, you need to save your footage before you erase it. With a computer, no? Personally, I find the routine of copying and then wiping the card a good habit, but I don't want to argue on that anymore. Petty in the Vimeo clip announcing 1.8 looks as if he needed some sleep, I just imagine him and his little crew (BM is a very small company) working on the (for me) wrong priorities.



From my experience this is true. If you start to try and record over previously used sections of your disk with the BMCC you will start to drop frames while recording raw, guaranteed.  Deleting clips doesn't do anything, you need to format. 


But overall, I like this update from BM. I haven't touched mine since v1.2. 

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