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Available now - The EOSHD Sony A7 Series Shooter's Guide to Full Frame Lenses

Andrew Reid

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Purchased and looking forward to reading. This is one hefty book on lenses Andrew, don't know where you find the time to pull it together! I can't justify an A7S and a GH4 this year, so I think the later will win out, but love the knowledge you share, and happy to know i paid considerably less for my lenses than you estimate :-)

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Does this cover only lenses you own? Or all lenses available. I don't see a Sony lens chapter at all which seems odd.


Only the lenses I own. I have one E-mount lens and it doesn't cover full frame! The new Sony FE mount stuff is not very interesting and it's pretty much a known quantity...I just feel it's overpriced but if you want AF (why? not useful for video!) then the 55mm F1.8 FE mount lens is the best.

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Looks interesting, I might have to pick up a copy! 


Do you look at many lenses that have a short-ish flange distance (ie Leica M mount, Pen-F, and other rangefinder formats)? Is that the "small and compact" chapter? Is the "Contax Zeiss" chapter about the Contax G mount, the 29mm flange distance?


It looks as if you mainly cover SLR format glass. I've never been that happy with the ergonomics of, say, Nikon Ai-S on an NEX-6, because the adaptor is so long, 28mm or so. But longer-flange distance glass is so readily available, so cheap, and I guess doesn't have the CA issues that some wideangle rangefinder glass has on a mirrorless mount. Are you basically suggesting that long flange distance lenses are the way to go?

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I agree with Andy, this is well worth the money, and I don't even own a Sony A anything, although now I kinda wish I did. Even so, as I trawl the Internet looking for lenses for my GH3 I often wonder about what I'm looking at.

I like Andrew's take on things, so this is a great resource.

Highly recommended.

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Just bought an A7 and saw the A7 shooters guide which i decided to buy as it looks very good.

Well i paid by Pay pal and waited for a download email which did not arrive.

I have sent two messages on the contacts page in the past few days and still have had no reply.

Not sure what to do now so joined this forum hoping someone could help me out.


Thanks for your time



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