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Mac OS Big Sur reliability

Andrew Reid

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The new icons indeed look horrible, which reminds me of icons pack that I'd installed on my windows mobile phone 15 years ago šŸ™‚

In terms of performance and reliability, I have yet to use it extensively but it seems ok so far. One thing I've noticed right away is scrolling. It is way smoother on Chrome and Safari.Ā 

What I really wonder is how some of theseĀ design changes have passed from accessibility point of view.

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I didn't installĀ Catalina so I can't comment on it. But I believe it was the same Safari on MojaveĀ albeit without this problem. On Big Sur, at least on my machine (iMac 2017 - 27"), the scrolling is smoother, 4K is finally available on YouTube but skipping is not really smooth, which I've tried with 1080p videos, too. Safari is now using VP9 codec so it might be something to do with this change as it used to be H.264 only on Mojave hence the lack of 4K.

Other than that, playback is smooth, which I also tried with 4K 60p,Ā and there is no change in fan noise.

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2 hours ago, Video Hummus said:

What does the stats for nerds say the codec is on YouTube? I thought YouTube was sticking to their guns on using VP9 for 4K.Ā 

It is VP9.

What is quite interesting is VP9 appears as an experimental feature if you enable developer menu, which I assume means that it is stillĀ a working progress.


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