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5d Mark iii raw recording


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Hello fellow EOS users i have had a 5d mark iii for sometime now, and I finally have all the necessities to use the magic lantern rare recoding function. I have downloaded the recommended firmware, and followed the guidelines of the EOSHD_G3_RAW Guide. I have downgraded the firmware to 1.1.3, formatted my cards with the exFAT file system, installed the magic lantern alpha, and then installed the magic lantern night build, as well as the mac-boot to prepare the cards to make them bootable. After all this was said and done and after I hit update firmware, My camera screen said, Firmware update program. Update file cannot be found, please check the memory card and reload the battery and try again. I am using a 64 GB compact flash UDMA 7 LEXAR Professional 1000x CF card, and a PNY Professional X 64GB class 10 SD card. Can anyone give me some insight to what I might be doing wrong?!!!!!!

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The Problem occurs every time after I Delete the previous ml-5d3-113.fir file from the card, copy the 

autoexec.bin (the auto-boot file and compiled source code),
5D3-113-bootflag.fir, and the ML folder which overwrites the alpha folder already present. Then I turn on the camera and try to update firmware, and it says!!!!!

Firmware update program


Update file cannot be found, please check the memory card and reload the battery and try again.


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You must us a card that is 32 GB or less to do the initial install of ML anything larger won't work. Once the firmware is updated you may use any size card you like.


"For first install, use a simple SD/SDHC/CF card (32 GB or smaller). 64GB cards and larger will not work for first install (but you can use them with ML, see below)."



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