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Manual Lenses for NEX 5N Video


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Morning all!
I am loving my NEX 5N and am mainly using it to shoot video. I have the 18-55 kit lens and also have purchased 4 manual lenses, these are:

Konica AR 40MM 1.8
Konica AR 50MM 1.7
Fujian CCTV 25MM 1.7
Canon FD 50MM 1.8

I use all these lenses for video to allow better low light shooting and shallower depth of field.

What I am not noticing though is much quality difference in the footage from one lens to another. The fujain is obviously a cheap toy lens and has a poor focus plane and blurred edges wide open but the rest of the lens shoot pretty much the same quality footage.

My question i suppose is long term is it worth me investing in similar lenses like the Voigtlander 35mm 1.4 (which is more expensive) if the actual video footage quality it outputs is the same? I understand such a lens at 1.4 would again give me shallower DOF and better low light footage but apart from that would I see a general overal quality difference that would justify the price tag?

The other main problem I have is that with the NEX-5N all these manual lenses don't offer in built stabilization which the kit lens does, so hand held footage is very shaky without a steady hand or tripod. Are there other third party lenses out there that have in built stabilization that I could implement into my collection?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm also trying different lenses and Andrew's article:


...convinced me to hunt on ebay for the Olympus 38mm 1.8. I already lost the first auction while I was sleeping (I knew that asshole would stab me while I slept!) and I'm bidding on another now. That one shot in the above article with the sharp portrait and lovely curved bokeh sold me instantly.

Otherwise I am also unsure whether to invest in the voigtlander 35mm. I'm also not sure how much more awesome the video will be at the end of the day. Plus it is a little pricey considering if you're spending $650 plus the adapter, maybe its time to splash on the E-mount Carl Zeiss 24mm?

It's a 1000 dollars which is harsh... but it's made for e-mount, has auto-focus so you can touch focus on the screen and not worry about it, and the focal length of 24mm is useful for video. I actually wish Zeiss made a wide angle e-mount to replace the mediocre 16mm f2.8 sony standard.

I also have a couple of videos where I want to film myself playing guitar etc, but I dont want to trouble anybody to shoot me since I will need to take loads and loads of shots before I get the ones I want. So it's a bit of a focus challenge...
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