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  1. I swear by SanDisk...for both CF and SD cards. If you're going to use one of the hacks, you'll need the Class 10 or higher.
  2. As a life-long Nikon user, I'm really glad I decided to go with a GH2 and Voightlander adapter.  I have not been impressed with the video quality of any of the Nikons so far.  I think it's a combination of arrogance and foot-dragging.
  3. In terms of adapters, I'd go with the best you can afford.  While some of the cheaper ones work, they aren't as sturdy, nor do they fit as well as some of the more expensive ones.  Since I have Nikon glass, I have MTF's Nikon G to Sony E adapter, and I just got the Voightlander Nikon F to M43 for my GH2.  Very happy with it so far.  Fit and finish is very smooth.
  4. New GH2 owner here... and I followed the 8 step Hack and Patch instructions...but when I load the firmware I don't get a choice of any radio buttons. (yes, the .ini files are in the same folder)  The only thing I see is a list in the app window with the ability to click on either User Patches or Tester Patches.  I have a Mac production machine, and an HP netbook running the last flavor of XP. I'd prefer to follow the lazy route for hacking my GH2, but if my windows machine is too old, then I'll have to go the advance route and do some more reading. :) Thanks for any insights you'd care to share.
  5. I've had good results using my stock of Nikon lenses - especially the 10.5mm DX fisheye and an older AF-S 85/1.8 - with the 5N and MTF Nikon adaptor. 
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