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  1. Another dumb question if I may... when using this lens on a speed booster or whatever, how does one change the iris?? I presume it doesn't have a mechanical aperture ring?
  2. OK wow! Interesting cooling techniques. The 1,500 pound kit also includes the anamorphic adapter? Richard, how about an external power solution? What's the longest recording tally before it overheats? thanks and good work!!
  3. [quote author=Andrew Reid link=topic=951.msg6976#msg6976 date=1341795484] Notice the air vents sir. [/quote] Noted! But unless they built an air-condition unit inside... OK I'm asking too much.. nevermind I have its 'bigger brother' now anyway
  4. I can't remember what the point of it was if it didn't solve the overheating problem...
  5. Not bad at all for US$3,000. It's not ergonomical at all - Christ, look at where they placed the record button. No slow-mo frame rates. Hmm, guess I can live with that. Battery life sucks on it so got to use an external battery of some sort. You really do need to rig it up to do handheld at least... My Edelkrone would work nicely Does it have XLR? I didn't read it on their specs list Again, NOT BAD for 3 G's
  6. Looks bootiful. Been off the tech radar - does the NEX-7 overheat like the 5N does when shooting long video?
  7. This is coming from a 5N user... - It overheats easily in my experience - Less moire and aliasing compared to Canon? - It doesn't have cinestyle but there's a picture profile many people use to achieve something similar: [url=http://www.eoshd.com/content/3995/optimising-the-sony-nex-5n-for-cinematic-video]http://www.eoshd.com/content/3995/optimising-the-sony-nex-5n-for-cinematic-video[/url] - Cheaper - No microphone input - No cold shoe mount - In terms of body size, I always use a pistol grip or rig it up anyway. It really is too tiny to hold.
  8. I never really got the calculations or terminology right, but here's my understanding and someone correct if I'm wrong: Mbps is "megabits per second" not megabytes per second (MB/s or MBps). I think 1 megabyte equals 8 megabits?? Therefore, 24L's 50mbps = 6.25MB/s. And besides, the time counter is not accurate because it depends on the level of detail it's recording - especially in the case of Flow Motion as its bit rate varies under different situations. In most cases you'll actually be able to log more time than what the counter states. See for yourself: Record something and watch the remaining time counter. It won't be real time.
  9. @IsleOfRed No, I just transfer via the SD card. Maybe check your preferences in the L&T window?
  10. @IsleOfRed I also have a 5N. FCP7's Log and Transfer works fine. Can also be used with 5DtoRGB (select BT.709).
  11. FYI on 320/640 bug: [url=http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/2190/-320640-bug-fix.-gh2-users-liking-320-and-640-please-look.]http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/2190/-320640-bug-fix.-gh2-users-liking-320-and-640-please-look.[/url]
  12. There's a lot of variables, too many to list actually. So i'll just briefly tell you how I shoot hacked 24p footage: 24p is only available in Cinema Mode (HBR is 25p, Manual is for 720 etc). If i shoot indoors I use i.dynamic. It provides more detail in darker areas but eats more battery. I push the red record button always. Take note of the 160/320/640 ISO bugs. I transcode to ProRes using 5DtoRGB. It will also give you an accurate reading on the bit rate of each MTS file so you can tell If the hack worked. From then on it's up to how you compress/export your video. Other notes: It seems you have to first revert to original 1.0 software before switching 1.1 patches? Watching raw footage on computer has always been choppy for me. There's something called MTS Viewer on Mac that's good.
  13. [quote author=Rosebud link=topic=324.msg2001#msg2001 date=1330193510] Hi Ed, thanks for the fast reply. That sounds like the most obvious thing to do right? I was first advised to take the MTS files of the card and then convert to movs. Is that the wrong way then? I then learned that once you have done that, you cannot use the log and transfer on FCP as it needs all the other info on the card, which I cleared after taking the files off initially. So Ed, if i try that now, will that way make the file sizes realistically useable? Thank you :) [/quote] I can see why you want to take the data off the card prior to logging. But I've always done it via card and never had any problems. But if you do then yes, FCP gets picky how it detects the footage. I think you at least need to copy the root folder of your SD card, not just the .MTS files.
  14. Have you tried Log and Transfer via FCP? On FCP7 you can set it to Apple ProRes 422 or LT
  15. Here's my position on calibrating for GH2.... I don't try to match my LCD. Why? Cos the bloody thing isn't accurate anyway. So why would you wanna match your external monitor or EVF to it? The level of calibration depends very much on different products. But I know the Zacuto does a decent job than say the SmallHD DP4. What I've done is logged my footage, and played back the both the footage both on my Mac screen and EVF. Then I try to match the EVF... Try these and see what you think: Brightness: 20 Chroma: Saturation: -10 Red: -5 Green: -10 Blue: 10
  16. I think the 'burning' question for me is if it overheats easily like the 5N does? Also, anybody know if it uses the same battery as the 5N?
  17. thanks for watching. Yeah but they still have to solve the nasty overheating issue.. if ever
  18. The Samyang primes are getting popular for video. So I'd recommend those for the budget-minded.
  19. I still think the best value zoom lens for video is the Tokina 28-70 f2.6-2.8. If any of you guys have never heard/used it I really recommend giving it a go. Apart from range and aperture, other good factors include manual aperture ring (nikon mount only), near parfocal, non-rotating or extending front element (good for matte boxes). And although the prices are inflated due to DSLR video trend, it's still good value ($300-$400). It's been my fastest zoom and workhorse lens.
  20. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=81.msg798#msg798 date=1324245729] I'm using a 30Mb/s Sandisk, so no 95 card needed as far as I am concerned. Seems pretty reliable with the normal card. [/quote] Thanks for clarifying. I also remember ages back, when you suggested values for a more warmer Canon look, you also adjusted the colour settings a bit? Is this still the  case with CaNostalgia?
  21. Great to see your patches. What's the spanning on your Road Runner patch? Do we need to use 95mb/s cards?
  22. Hello all, Would like to share my latest anamorphic exercise: A homage to Manga's classic cyberpunk anime "Ghost in the Shell".  [url=http://vimeo.com/33655609]"Ghost in the Shell": Hong Kong[/url] Shot this with the Sony NEX5-N (1080p/50fps) with 30mm squarefront and 50mm roundfront anamorphic lenses.
  23. I won't even dare fathom how much they'd cost. BTW, nice to have an anamorphic forum! We can showcase our videos here, yes?
  24. Considering what the hacked GH2 can do (plus the new 25p firmware), I'd have pretty high standards for the GH3!
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