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My thoughts on the Canon EOS R5 8K monstrosity - 1TB footage per 50 minutes

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You are too hard on them and I have a hard time understanding that much frustration. A 8K badge on the box? What about 4K no crop? 10 bit 422? 4K60 and 4K120 with best in class AF? Best FF IBIS on the

I've done rolling interviews, one after another for over an hour.  Plus I've done at least one interview that lasted nearly 30 mins due to various reasons.  But you're right, I can work around the R5

Why are we bashing Canon for including 8k raw INTERNALLY? They also could have just left it at that, but also included All-I and IPB in 8K - a pretty amazing inclusion. Add on to that that they do giv

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12 minutes ago, mechanicalEYE said:

ok, I see. 

If you look at their posting history its the same pattern all the time.

Ask a question, get a reply, then they modify their original post so it has a link in it and/or reply to themselves including the link.

The numeric user name is always a clue as well, as it is on social media although in this case they haven't even bothered putting a real christian name in front of it as they usually would on there.

As is reviving two year old zombie threads about headphones which I see has just happened as well.....

The problem becomes when they build up a history of posts that seem legit on the surface as people can be suckered by the veneer of credibility. Fortunately they don't usually last that long on here after the ridiculous long con that happened a few years ago by Ebrahim Saadawi has put people on their guard.


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