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  1. Whats the deal with CFExpress A cards only coming in 80 and 150gb? Can we expect this to change?
  2. Makes my decision to maybe cancel my r5 per order and get a zcam f6 almost as sure thing
  3. Haha I just need 1-2 mins. I’ll be testing the issues myself if my pre order ships. Coming from zcam e2 I’m looking for the ibis benefits, full frame benefits, Af, and every so often the 8k option. if it can match or beat the image quality of the e2 and provide Ibis and af I’ll be happy. I don’t shoot wedding or interviews. But I do use my camera in the sun / outdoors.
  4. If it doesn’t void the warranty I’m ok with it.
  5. https://www.C5D.com/canon-eos-r6-review-first-look-with-footage-serious-limitation-doubtful-video-tool/
  6. I plan on doing the same with the R5 , and would consider the sony if 4k120 was an option which it doesn't seem to be.
  7. yes lets compared the youtube video screen grabs to decide on the quality of a camera haha....
  8. Is it even fair to compare something thats 6k v 8k 4k60 v 4k120?
  9. Im gonna read and watch video and then actually try it myself and see if it works for me, before jumping to conclusions.
  10. It seems like if they allowed IPB for 4k120 we might be able to use V60 or faster SD cards. But they dont seem to make many over 256gb... or am i looking at the wrong place.
  11. i will wait till i have used it. If i shoot for 5mins, and then pause and wait... the device begins to cool down. It will vary by person, unless someone here has it, everyone is guessing. No point in guessing, just wait till you can try it in you own environment.
  12. well if i have to limit my recording to under 30mins ... that is about 28mins shorter than I ever shoot straight for!
  13. yea seems like until more reviews and on hand experience its all assumption. Dont forget when you stop recording, things cool off, it has a special mode to help with that (changes settings etc to reduce heat) also depending how long start up takes there is also the suggestion to turn off the camera between shots. Also, it might not be a camera for you if you require long continuous shots. It was never designed for that with the 29:59 cut off no matter what.
  14. I applaud canon for actually coming out with the times and temps and not letting people find out for their own. Also COULD it possibly be that this camera MIGHT NOT be for you, if you require 20-30+ min continuous recording, mabe you should look at a different option? I am curious how it will work for shorter burst filming.
  15. Ive pre ordered the R5 for the sole reason to actually test in my environment if the overheating is an issue. We shoot a decent amount of short clips in 4k120 and would love to also shoot some short clips in 8k30 for cropping. If the R5 can do this without over heating then Ill keep it, but im not gonna jump to conclusion on it overheating without testing for my self. Ive seen that IPB might be an option in the future for 4k120, do we think that would allow us to write to cheaper SDcard V60 speed+? Im curious what size CFexpress cards people are going to be using, seems like 256gb might not cut it, and 512-1TB might be the sweet spot, especially at first if ALL-I is all there is for 4k120.
  16. Reviving a very old thread, but has anyone actually used it? I got mine to test with a Zcam E2. Ive created my profiles (not as bad as i expected) but no matter what resolution i try *(120 or 23.97) with the corresponding profile, i get audio sync failed. I tried AAC / PCM / NONE for encoder on the audio file
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