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2x extender with 2x anamorphic?

Hannes Famira

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Well, it would work, actually.

Some people on Anamorphic Shooters group report that if you have a high quality telephoto extender, then it can be used with anamorphic adapters and works pretty well.

So far, I've heard about Leica APO 2x Extender and Canon FD 2x Telephoto Adapter.


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Like I said in a different topic: extension tubes won't work, at all, if you have an anamorphic adapter in front. 

They work the same way, no matter the brand. 


Having said that, a 2x telephoto extender / aka teleconverter should work with anamorphics.

Just remember that it cuts off a pretty lot of light coming in to your sensor. A f/2 lens paired with 2x teleconverter becomes a f/4 piece of glass. 

It's just the opposite of how speedboosters work. 


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well you are bending light rays quite a bit, its easy to imagine things going pear shaped with all that glass. Still maybe the image may be suitable for you 

back in the days of film i vaguely remember that 1.4 teleconverters were preferred to 2x with some lenses because of the optical qualities. Of course that may have been applicable to some brands more than others.  the only way to know for sure is to do some experiments of course thats all the harder if your in no position to try it yourself

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That's for sure!
Experiment, experiment and once more: perform experiments!

Another thing to take into account is that anamorphic adapters aren't that great at 135mm+ focal lengths.

If you use a modern one like ISCO Ultra Star or Schneider Cinelux, you may get away with it since those are super sharp right off the bat and doesn't degrade the image that much.
But if you own some Sankor (eg. 16-D) or Kowa (even the highly praised 16-H), then you may be out of your luck and may notice some lose in sharpness, contrast - overall readability.

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Really you just need to get a longer taking lens, I don't see much point in using a 2x extender unless you have only one actual Cine Anamorphic lens and it's all you own. If you have anamorphic adapter lens simply swap out the taking lens, you can get any focal length you need in great quality for pairing under 100dollars, a 2x extender with good quality is likely to cost far more (and still do a worse job IQ wise).


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