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A walk through the Forest - Lumix G7 + Sigma 8-16mm

Mr. Freeze

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Wow, that's really, really wide!
The shot @2:17 is so panoramic it makes me a bit nauseous especially when you tilt the camera.

The colors are nice and they help setting the overall warm feel - good job.

My only suggestion would be: try to make it somehow more engaging, more interesting, more three-dimensional either by adding a subtle movement or by introducing some focal point that we could follow around.
Right now those compositions are pretty hectic (to my eyes) and I'm not really sure what I should be looking at.
( :

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Thanks to both of you, @heart0less and @Emanuel

I did this Video as a basic comparison to the one with the Micro Cinema Camera and the Tokina Lens.

Same forest, same route, similar lighting to see how much close the color and can be shifted in resolve.

While the focal length of the two Lenses can´t be compared, the setting was basically the same and as much as I like the G7 for its size and features, I know why I like my Blackmagic Cameras so much.

For narrative work and other story telling videos, I´d prefer the Blackmagic-Look and gradability without hesitation.

The G7 shines in other areas. It is an all in one package, without the need of a monitor, a handle or anything else besides the lens. The UHD is sharp and clear, while still being relatively small in file size. 

For concerts for example, this combo with the sigma would be great.


Now to the Lens and testing purpose:

You have to be careful with movements and horizontal alignment. This effect really is very much in your face and can lead to irritation and distraction for the viewer. I only had a gorilla-pod with me, so I was a bit limited.

In general, these shots weren´t meant to be overly beautyful or very show great composition. They should simply offer a basis for comparing the two cameras/looks, so I went for the same forest, but I kept in mind to test the G7´s dynamic range by having dark shadows of trees and the water as well as bright clouds in the sky. 

Nevertheless, while the G7 offers less possibilities in post with Colorgrading, I am still satisfied with the CineV-Picturestyle. It is flat enought to push and pull certain values and the look I was able to achieve gives it a nice atmosphere. Still, the codec has its limits. But that aside, the G7 is a great little camera and the ultrawide sigma offers some great possibilities, just imagine this setup behind a drummer, facing the audience.


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