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I raised $200k via crowdfunding and need video equipment

Sam Smith

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Hey everyone,


I've been reading EosHD for a few months now and here's my first forum question.


I raised close to $200k on a crowdfunding website to build an online fitness video platform. Part of the project (obviously) is to shoot hundreds of fitness videos on an ongoing basis. Now I need to make decisions as to what equipment to get. I have a great photographer at my side but also wanted to reach out to you guys to get another perspective on the ideal setup.


Now, while we do have quite some money to spend, I do want to make smart decisions and keep the equipment adequat to our actual needs. I have an awesome photographer at my side who also knows his way around video, but I'd love to get your guyses perspective as well.


Basic scenario (what we will do)

  • Mostly fixed or slow moving camera, but not exclusively
  • Mostly indoors
  • Long shooting days (i.e. natural lighting will vary and must be compensated)
  • Want to shoot with two cameras (ideally the same model, i guess)
  • I guess we'll also need equipment to ongoingly check the quality of the videos while we shoot
  • We'll also do photo shoots with the equipment (main focus on video though)


As of now, we have no equipment what so ever. We don't want to use a third person's equipment (videographer, rental) because this is an ongoing project and we'll be shooting for several months.


I would love to get recommendations on what kind of cameras, lense, mics, lighting and other hardware to get.

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I'm curious as to the gear your photographer has suggested you get?  If it was as simple as pulling together a shopping list, there might never be another flame war on the Interwebs!!  A quality photographer would have some good ideas for shooting stills, but shooting film consistently so that your editors don't want to stab you is a whole different ballgame (workflow suggestions anyone?) ;)


"I raised close to $200k on a crowdfunding website to build an online yoga video platform" - this sounds like $200k for the ENTIRE project/solution, so clearly you aren't spending everything on gear.  Off the top of my head (and based on the sample video you linked):

  • Camera department - bodies, lenses, follow focus, matte box, rigs (shoulder, steadi, tripods and heads), monitors, storage, etc, etc
  • Grip - dollys/sliders, stands, weights, flags, etc
  • Gaff - what sort of lights to balance the ambient?  LED, HMI, Tungsten, Fluoro, plus power management
  • Audio - recorder, mics, boom, monitor (notice the audio is all over the place on the sample vid? They needed multi-mic, including lav, not just the boom)
  • Data - a wrangler will need transfer gear, or you'll need to record externally (such as onto an Atomos or similar).  Data handling and workflow may affect the types of cameras you can use (and may force you towards Nikon for 4:2:2 in a DSLR vs C300 in a Canon)

I'll cut to the chase - shooting regular content with consistent quality that doesn't bury you in the workflow requires significant planning and has all sorts of variables to be considered.  That's not even including getting some experience on the set - On my projects, we would sacrifice gear to save money just to get a really versatile AD, grip or gaffer on the set, worth their weight in gold!!


Is this for MyYogaPro?  It actually doesn't matter - if you raised $200k crowdfunding, expectations are HIGH that the quality will be HIGH and the deadlines won't be missed!!  I hope it all goes really well for you, you've got a very busy few months ahead!! :D


(was there a reason this was posted in Anamorphic?  I suggest for this project you DON'T use anamorphic, IMHO)

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