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Quick question: I recently bought the latest FCP X and was thinking about getting Logic Pro X as well. However, I've also been playing with Reaper and like it. It's only $60 for a license and Logic is $200. 


The more I delve into DAW software reviews, the more it's clear they're mostly targeted and designed for musicians. For filmmaking, are the audio tools already built-in to FCP X sufficient? Perhaps Garageband and FCP X are really all most of use ever need? Or, are there very compelling reasons to also have Logic Pro or Reaper DAW software? ProTools is out due to the higher cost. I could go for Logic Pro, but I'm beginning to think it's likely more than I really need. 


Thoughts and opinions for indie filmmaking sound design software?

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Logic has alot of extras like software synths and comprehensive plugin suite. Reaper is actually free, there is a 5 second wait for it boot but thats it, no crippleware, fully functional in shareware. I would use both if I were you, Reaper is great for quick edits and will even render video! I use Protools, which is the best for video audio with Media Composer and the plugins work in both applications ie cross compatible.

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@Henry, Reaper isn't actually free, but the trial lasts 60 days. After that, it's $60 for a non-commercial license. Does it keep working after the 60 days? I've only been playing with it for a couple weeks. So far, it's been somewhat intuitive. 


@Zach, that's just it... I don't really think so. I've been out of the motion game for a few years. The last version of FCP I used was V6 and I can't say I was ever that proficient in it to be honest. I got the job done, but it was always a struggle. So now I'm just getting back in slowly. Just bought FCP X and am finding much more intuitive. I used Soundtrack Pro before, but never felt very comfortable with that one either. Was wondering if Logic had some FCP X specific functionality for roundtrip editing that makes it the best option. 


However, as I asked in my post... I'm not certain that I really need anything more than what FCP X comes with. From what I've read, the latest Garageband is actually fairly impressive as well. 


I think I'll just keep playing with Reaper and see if that would take care of any fun soundscape stuff I might want to play with. If so, it's seems well regarded and at $60, it's an easy sale. :) 

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For both Protools and Reaper you'll want to get a decent set of plugins. Native Instruments Komplete is a good start. For low budget, lots of free plugins for VST and AU.
Logic is a great deal- plenty of content included for a fair price.

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It appears there are ways to work with roundtrip audio from FCPX to Reaper using an app called Vordio. And Reaper also gives you a video preview so you can see what you're doing while working on the audio tracks.


What I haven't figured out is.. when I simply import a video file into Reaper, then cut some audio out altogether, Reaper cuts the video segment out too. Can't find a way to split the audio cuts and preserve picture. Anyone know? 


I'm thinking, if I really need anything more than than FCPX offers for audio editing, I'll likely be better off just getting Logic Pro X since it import/exports FCPXML now. I wonder if the latest Garageband import/exports FCPXML?

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