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Canon 70D vs Panasonic G6 - Moiré & Aliasing comparison


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I hope to see soon a test with the "iResolution" off. It's the first time I see so much moiré on a G6, and I'm after it (or the 70D) only for video.


[UPDATE] I've seen another video on your channel: is it done without iResolution? I've noticed a really minimal moirè just before the end, on the fence, but not so annoying as in the previous video.


The video I'm talking about is this one:


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Whoah. So all the new sensor in the 70D delivered was the new hybrid AF that works better than the previous one, but all the old moire and jaggies is still there? Oh well, given the track record of the camera giants and Canon in particular, any other outcome would indeed have been a big surprise. Ho hum. Especially in their middle of the (price) range products. Hopefully they'll have something new and better up in their sleeve for next year. 

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