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ISCORAMA SCAMS....and innocent stupids

tony wilson

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i have now heard of 3 frauds involving quick iscorama ebay listings then off email communications involving bank transfers.

the latest was a deal for buy one get one free the 2nd lens being very grey and dusty but still nobody gives even a broken iscorama away.

these scammers have made maybe 10 thousand dollars in less than a month maybe more.


the original ads on ebay vanish i assume because at some stage ebay pulls and deletes the listings but it seems the scammers only need a few hours.


seems silly to say but ebay do not generate invoices with foreign bank details on.

ebay owns paypal that is all they care about.


you should not send any monies until you are sure the seller has something real and you have some proof that the guy is legit again seems silly to say but this seems to be happening more and more.

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

there was a guy selling one on German ebay classifieds (Ebay Kleinanzeigen) bout 3 months ago. He was asking for 1500EUR and the lens based in Czech Republic. I told him I am from Vienna and I am going to pick it up and that was when he sent me some sort of never heard before trust fund. I checked their website and it was up an running for 10 days... so obviously scam. My answer to him was accordingly. ;)


But I was really wondered that scammers already picked up the Isco as interesting source fro frauds.

What a f**ked up world... 

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Great advice Tony - I've been chasing one particular scammer for around 6 months, with fraudulent listings totaling around $US 1million (not just camera gear).  There is a definite pattern to how they work and why they end up being successful.  The key issue revolves around the payment occurring outside of eBay and paypal, with buyers being induced to take part in a fake eBay buyer protection process - the emails all look legit, and the payments are made directly to bank accounts and not Paypal.


eBay are very proactive at pulling down the scammers, which makes it tricky for me to get info about them before they disappear.


I posted some tips on this thread > and I'm always happy to respond directly to anyone if you are suspicious of a seller and want someone to help you verify (I'm an Internet Security specialist by day, anamorphic fan by night!).


Be careful out there everyone, if it's too good to be true then it will be a scam 100%



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This is why I am afraid to list mine up on ebay or even take payment by paypal for that matter. I heard stories of people filing claims for "Not as described" and return a totally different item. How can you prove it otherwise and then having to deal with suing the person if you even can. Such a big headache sometime and that is why I rather deal locally, face to face with cash in hand unless I know the person *sigh*

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Wow, I hadn't heard about that. What could you do in such event?



nothing but..


the scam mainly works and exists and perpetuated by people that do not have the lens.


they rely 100% on other peoples fotos.


they are usually ignorant of foto and lens talk type questions will say i am not at home for a few days so cannot get to the lens.


nothing wrong with bank transfers nothing wrong with money transfers ebay and paypal are just as corrupt as any scumbag thief.

they take 100s of millions of dollars from honest listings and fake ones they still charge the saint and the crook.

check sellers past sales any foto stuff any history in that area what are the other sales.


video confererance call skype whatever video on mobile or dealing with known people i suppose helps.

the scam survives based on other peoples fotos.


it relies on quick ebay listing giving out email address or hacking of dorment account for the listing.

speed and natural greed of humans 2 iscoramas for the price of one for fuck sake come on folks.


proofs of iscorama life fotos shot with it proof other than ad type stuff is all that is needed holding it up in front of a ipad already.




or do what i do do trading..

i have an iscorama 42 ex nasa if anyone has a castle in estonia or hungary or the czech republic i will even throw in a tokina achromat and a lens cleaning cloth only used a couple of times the cloth that is top quality materials the cloth that is.



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