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Finally doing it!

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Hey guys! 

Diving into anamorphic this next few weeks and I think I have finally settled on what i’m gunna do. Rapido’s Full Package C. 

I use a BMPCC4K with the .64 speedbooster with my Helios and Mir1b. (100% sure the MIR wont work, but i got it for free so hey!) 

Full Package C includes:
Schneider Super Cinelux 2X Anamorphic Lens 
V3 full clamp
Step down ring/ Step up ring
1/4-20 foot support
Rear Metal Jacket (RMJ)

Will all of this work with the new 2.8k mode and get me a clean and sharp 2.4:1 delivery?

Just trying to avoid as much vignetting as I can so i don’t have to crop. 

Thanks everyone!!

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This setup looks nice! 

One of the best you can get, IMHO. 


You should be okay with Helios + 0.64x SB in terms of vignetting. Both Cinelux and FVD-16A won't affect sharpness / contrast of the taking lens, so if your copy of Helios is sharp wide open, then you're good to go. 


Keep us posted. 

( :

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i got some vignetting on my p4k and elmoscope with a 35mm. The mir1b at 37mm might just clear it. If your helios is 50ish you'll be fine with that. not sure about throwing the speed booster into the mix. I haven't tried my viltrox 0.71 yet.

please keep us informed.

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