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SDI on mirrorless cameras?

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I was glad to hear about the 12g SDI raw output by blackmagic design!

But I have some doubts can someone help me clear this!?

1. SDI and HDMI, data rates comparison and how much output it can give you in terms of bit depth (12bit, 14bit, 16bit.)?

2. Is it possible to provide SDI output directly from mirrorless cameras instead of any other additional modules?

3. It seems SDI is superior over HDMI cables in terms of a)robustness (locking mechanism) , b)distance of signal transmission and c)almost similar price of atomos HDMI cable! 

Why are SDI cables professional and HDMI cables consumer? 

why are camera manufacturers preferring HDMI cables???????

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SDI - cables lock in, you can run the cables significantly longer (several hundred feet)

HDMI -   cables don't lock in place (micro and mini are even flimsier) max out at around 50 feet


Its just like comparing XLR audio cables to 3.5mm mini jack cables.

Once you experience the pro grade XLR connectors its hard to go back to shitty 3.5mm audio cables.   -  At least if your a working pro.. 

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