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"Dual Cell" LCD Display Officially Announced


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Hisense just announced an HDR display with "Dual Cell" technology from BOE, it's a 4K display but with a 1080P monochrome panel "sandwiched" between the 4K panel and backlight unit, essentially offering over 2 million backlight "zones" (1 zone per 4 pixels).

Peak brightness is quoted to be 2900nit with over 150000:1 static contrast ratio. It's also the world's first panel to be able to reproduce 16bit gradation. 

Current size is only 65in, but there are plans to introduce 55in and smaller sizes.



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5 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

How's it better than OLED?

Currently OLED tv panels have a peak brightness of less than 800 nits, and that is being generous (it’s only capable of that in small places, not on the full screen or big areas) and we know how light behaves,    So imagine a tv with almost two more stops of light. Add more bits to color to be displayed (before hdr even calibrated reference monitors where unable to display full 8bit rgb) and you have great potential.

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5 hours ago, androidlad said:

A lot brighter (2900nit peak) while having similar black level. No burn-in. Lower cost.

The 65inch model is about 2200EUR.

Comes a little too late (LG 55OLEDC8 here). Already watched that one Game of Thrones episode... well attempted to during daytime anyways. xD

Better peak brightness wouldn't have hurt in that instance. In general I keep having to change brightness levels for time of the day (auto isn't really doing it for me). Of course motion and color is another aspect of the enjoying experience and that's definitely great compared to what my parents keep buying from supermarkets (Medion/Samsung).

In 2014 I was in Hongkong and set foot over the boarder at Lo Wu to visit Shenzhen. I really noticed how strong all the Chinese brands were represented there. The likes of Hisense, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, TCL, etc. Think a year later was about the first time I actually saw a Hisense at a local Mediamarkt here in Europe. Personally, I'm a big fan of the likes of Hisense, Huawei (the P10 Plus was the first phone I didn't import from China but bought locally), Xiaomi (now with a bunch of global retail stores) offering great specs at superfair and competitive prices, making them no brainers. I think the whole anti-Huawei movement is B$. Even if they were... like Apple, FB etc aren't keeping taps on you... I'm all about getting more advanced tech at more attractive prices, so what I'm concerned: keep 'em coming!

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