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Feature film shot in only a week & with a smartphone


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10 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

I think you are doing a disservice to the people here with your statements. You are stating a whole bunch of what if shit. Life in reality doesn't work that way. Just because you have a bunch of fancy ass fast glass does not defy mathematics.  The Circle of Confusion is set in stone, not some pretend stuff you think is so. You can't make things up.

No, believe me mate, I am doing you a favour.

If you want to believe the contents of that video you posted, well it's up to you.

It should even be an argument! It shouldn't be personal. I'm just pointing out what are the facts and what is the bullshit. Why get upset about it?

The mathematics aren't the issue... It's the clickbait creator extrapolating up from the maths, to say that sensor size doesn't matter.

Of course it fucking matters.

At the same time, we have thebrothersthre3's comments as proof that misinformation causes damaging beliefs... He literally just said DOF doesn't matter. Find me a cinematographer who agrees with that and I'll find you Elvis sat in a deckchair on Mars.

The subject of lighting, set design, acting, do not compete with DOF for attention on a film production. Of course those are bigger priorities for the production as a whole, nobody is arguing against that... But this is a camera forum and we're into cinematography... and it is EXACTLY our job to determine the DOF needed for a shot and lens selection falls to us as well... And if you learn from videos like the above you will be deep in the shit with misconceptions, making wrong gear choices and doing your talent a disservice as well.

People need to separate the equivalency mathematics from the end result.

Of course, 2x crop sensor needs F0.95 to do F1.9 look on full frame, and 25mm to get a 50mm equiv. field of view. Again, nobody is in disagreement with that.

But you need two different lenses.

The lenses will have a different look and rendering, different performances.

You are talking also about two different sensors, which will also look different, have different dynamic range and different characteristics.

You are talking two different image circles, one will look different at the edges to the other.

So a test of a medium format or full frame camera stopped down heavily like in that video to match the GH5 2x crop sensor is bunk.

For the results shown in that video to be the end of the story, everyone would have to always use a medium format camera at F8 or whatever.... Erm, They don't.

You can even use a full frame 85mm F1.2 on medium format. It's impossible to mimic that same look on a different sensor size, even with a Speed Booster like the Kipon Baveyes medium format one for Nikon Z and EOS RF mount... Because for a start, it doesn't mount a full frame lens, only a medium format one, and none of these are F1.2.

Don't let these YouTube bastards confuse you @webrunner5

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Sensor size obviously matters. 1.8 on full frame and 1.8 on M43 look different end of story.

I am not misinformed. I'll be the first to admit what I like is probably not very conventional.  I like wide shots, seeing everything, long depth of field, slow motion. I like to see whats going on. Shooting this way is expensive and difficult though and I rarely even do it myself. 

The choice to use shallow DOF or not, is an artistic decision. Its my artistic opinion that DOF is one of the least important things when it comes to making a film. I also think its overly used especially in many modern movies. Its great to have when you are dealing with shitty ass locations where no set design took place. I use it all the time often partially for that reason. If I had a beautiful set to show up things would be much different. 

There are a ton of highly paid professionals that make artistic choices that I think look shitty. Its just a difference of opinion and when it comes to art there really is no right or wrong. 

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