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my very first short film

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it was shot during 3 days 4 years ago in corsica.

used my 5d mk ii and a gopro 4 that i lost at the end of the first day (it felt from the car and went into a ravine. spent an hour looking for it never found it) almost cryied of losing one entire day of work. 😄

did 90% myself and had a friend helping me for what i couldn't do alone.



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nice views, very pretty country i liked watching it its nice to see something different  from time to time . i wish i could say after the rain but we are in drought here . I would quite literally kill for some of that water flowing down that ravine 😲 seems almost criminal to have a porshe sitting under a tarp. if you need a stable, i have one  right here where you could park that porshe and be all nice and safe and out of the weather 😉 A mate of mine somehow managed to kill his gopro5 a few weeks ago as well. so your not alone

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