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Eos R finally closer to it's actual value

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23 hours ago, Mattias Burling said:

Im located in Europe and the NX1 is practically for free here.
To fetch $540 it needs to include the S-zoom or a couple of nice primes. 

Where? I will happily buy a 3rd NX1 with an S lens for 540$ (which is 480euros).

This must be the steal of the century. The 16-50S, won lens of the year in DPR that year, is the only 2-2.8f ever exister - practically offers prime quality 2f until 30-32mm, very fast auto-focusing, very good IS (something the Fuji doesn't offer in the 16-55mm). If you can have that combo for 480euros then it is amazing.

At ebay, the cheapest is close to 500 EUROS (not $..), body only of course, and goes up to 1.500EUROS.

the cheapest recent sales are 408$ (363euros)+shipping, for a camera with the defects: 

" Camera powers on and works, does have some physical damage. Crack on screen, barely visible when the screen is on.  There is a blemish on the bottom right of the grip. The spring on the SD card door is not working but you can still access the slot and use the door."

and 225euros, 195 British Pounds + shipping,

"Camera is suspected to be water damaged. Signs of water residue in usb port. Battery and memory card compartment clean. Camera doesn't power up. If not repairable definitely good for parts."

and 455$+shipping, 405euros + shipping, "Has barely been used, but it has faulty shutter button", explains in the add that the shutter button doesn't work at all.

The cheapest in Europe this year was 572 euros, and a little bit less in US.

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