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Moller Anamorphot 32/2x on a real world...

Francisco Rios

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Yes, I thing that's the answer...didn't support it.

The last one video was uploaded at 1920x1080.

I'm a little confuse about vimeo if I'm wrong with 1080, because I think vimeo works at 720. Don't know if I get a little better image when 1080 is uploaded or is just a waste of time and size...

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Lube is easy but messy


You will need cotton buds, cocktail sticks (or toothpicks), zippo lighter fluid, precision screwdrivers, WD40, Helicoid grease


Take photos and mark things that seperate - especially where the focus ring detaches.


Access to the inner glass is more tricky.....unless you just want to blow out dust.


If you want I can walk you through it if you take photos - info@transferconvert.co.uk 








You say that you've re-lubed your 32. I think that I might have found one to buy myself and I'm curious, how difficult was it to make this repair? Also, have you been able to access the lens elements relatively easily?

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Hi. I know this is a really old thread, but I'm not finding that much footage shot with this lens and it's one of my options for the GH4 and its 4:3 sensor option.

I was about to get an Elmo II but it was in crappy condition.


My only local options are a Moller 32/2x that needs lubrication (about 350usd with clamp included), an Iper Optical 2x (4m mfd!) that needs cleaning and lubrication (150usd) or LA7200 in mint condition (1k usd).-


I have a Delrama 16mm that is small and nice, but doesn't flare too much and has a 3m fixed focus. Even if I could live with that, my copy also has a rainbow effect that makes it useful only in B&W.


So... does any of my local options worth it? Or should I save some money and get SLR Magic 1.33 or wait for 2x?

It will be used only for some narrative short or medium-length projects.



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Here's an album with Moller.



Don't know the others lenses.

Many people will have trouble with double focus for narrative or medium-lenght projects.


SLR is single focus.

John Barlow is a member here on forum and got these models single focus (also Moller)




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