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Why Sony is not rushing with the A7S III

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2 hours ago, Snowbro said:

I bet it won't come until next year at this time. Sony will be updating their A7R III this fall and won't want to compete with themselves. Canon will likely release their new flagship hybrid camera then and it will probably have some crazy features, just like the 1DC and 1DX ii had when they released. I think if they make the A7S III have internal (6K Sensor) 4K 4:2:2 10-bit, with the venice color science, they will have an industry leading camera. 

If Sony ships the A7s3 in April 2020 with 4k 422 10 bit downscaled from a 6k sensor... they'll be about one year behind Panasonic, depending on when that firmware update drops.

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I think the delay in the A7Siii is obvious: the expectations/market has moved in a direction that outpaced Sony's tech and they're playing catch up. Last year was a huge year. Panasonic was still ridi

I've heard the A7siii will make all cameras obsolete.

too late I got one?   damnit I believed that!

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27 minutes ago, Snowbro said:

The panasonic does cropped 4k 60 by 1.5x + and has shit AF like the GH5

The panasonic cameras are today's models. 4k60 with good af might be class leading if it were released now, but in april 2020 it will be competing against the next generation. Sony will need much more than today's specs to top next year's competition.

And the s1r isn't cropped, its full frame 4k60.

...Which is not to say that the a7s3 definitely won't be class-leading. Maybe it will be an 8k global shutter camera with triple base ISO, etc. etc. Maybe not. And in the end, I'll get it if it's "only" 4k30, but ticks all the other boxes for me (price, ergonomics, codec, etc). I'm very interested to see what Sony makes, but at this point it does seem like they're playing catch up.

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57 minutes ago, Snowbro said:

"The S1R can shoot video at up to 4K/60p with only a slight crop but it pixel bins, so footage will be less detailed than the S1's output."

Yeah, and that's today. By 2020, I expect there to be FF 4k60 without binning! My point is that the bar of "exceeding expectations" will be higher then than it is now.

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