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CineForm Raw and Cinema DNG converters now available for 5D Mark III raw

Andrew Reid

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Could you post some Cineform raw files to play with? $300 seems a bit steep but being able to save the raw files in the cineform raw sounds pretty amazing to archive with. Can you edit a Cineform raw

Andrew, I can't thank you enough for keeping up with all this. eoshd has been one of my go to sites for quite some time and especially so during this raw "frenzy". Your site has provided among the bes

Yep, you are gonna have to spend that $300 somewhere, either on Cineform or on extra storage.... In the long term, cineform will be much cheaper.

Posted Images

I am using quiet a different workflow and the results are actually impressive anyway. 5d Mark III is such a huge step for me in terms of potential for experimentation. This is not just a video file but a series of photos put in sequence... I am planning to shoot the first full project  in few days including some footage with our Cinestar Drone.


My workflow:

Magic Lantern Raw Dng Conversion --> Lightroom Export Uncompressed Tiff  --> Apple Aperture --> Apple FCPX for editing (Very dependable and quiet fast and accurate)


Magic Lantern Raw Dng Conversion --> Photoshop Batch-> Apple FCPX for editing (Very buggy and slow thanks to Photoshop)



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Thanks Andrew


Some questions on the workflow and the CineForm raw.


1. Take the raw canon file, convert to Cineform raw ( saving a large amount of storage space)


2. Colour balance the Cineform in Cineform Studio or Cineform premium


3. Bring the Cineform raw files ( now with metadata for colour) into Premiere to edit.


Can you can then go back to Studio/Premium and tweak the CC as you like and have that change reflected in Premiere?


Right now I going through LR as I like the VSCO presets I have then ripping tiffs. But if I do want to change things around I have to go through LR then rip another set of tiffs if I want to make larger CC moves.





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Andrew...Long time reader but first time poster.  First I'd like to say that I truly appreciate all the effort you have put into keeping us updated on the 5D3 Raw capabilities.  It's been lovely seeing people get excited about DSLR's again. 


Ok so I'm having a few issues with these conversions, I'm running VMfusion on my Mac, I downloaded Rawanizer and the RAW2GPCF is in the right folder.  I also have the GoPro Studio but only the free edition.  Here is what is happening:


Drop .RAW file straight from 5D3 into Rawanizer and I'm using the same settings you had in your screenshot.  I end up with 2 files:

1. A Proxy video file (which will play in VMFusion if I leave the extension set to .AVI, but wont play if I change it to.MOV)  Tried opening this in premiere and it does nothing

2. A .RAW file that is only a few MB less than the original .RAW file.  Can't open this in premiere either.  


I feel like I'm missing a step or am just confused as to what type of file I'm supposed to end up with.  Can you elaborate?


Also, now RAWANIZER keeps giving me a "user aborted" message a few seconds into conversion when I have "cineform" selected, have no idea why.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it's still doing it.  

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The DNGs? They were shot at ISO 800 and if you lift the deep shadows you're getting ISO 3200 and maybe more.


I think I underexposed too much on some shots, trying to match the KineRaw. It's tricky to do.

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I'm eager to try some new workflows. I've shot some footage lately but I can't find the time to process it. The ACR/Bridge workflow is killing me, loading the thumbnails is just slow... probably because the raw2dng dng's dont have an embedded thumbnail


Anyone got tips for speeding up Bridge? I like the workflow, just not the speed of it. It would be helpful to only load 1 out of 24 thumbnails in bridge for example, just one for every second, but I'm pretty sure thats not possible. I already disabled full size previews.


I'm on a Win7 Core i5 2400, 16GB RAM, GTX660. Not the fastest thing on earth but not slow either. Sure will buy a second SSD to edit projects on as my primary SSD (OS and programs) is pretty full already.


I downloaded CineForm Premium, is there a tutorial on how to set it up in RAWanizer? Not to make proxies, but to export CineformRAW to edit in Resolve.

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I just changed the command line in RAWanizer to ".mov 444" and now it spits out .mov files fairly quickly. Looks nice as proxy at first sight, but I understand this is a 'raw' file as well? How can it be in a mov container? The white balance must be baked in at least? And what about sharpening/noise reduction settings for example?

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So I downloaded your Cineform files and DNG's but for some reason the Cineform from the 5D MKIII is super grainy, aliased, and low quality. I overlaid the DNG over the Cineform in After Effects and the DNG is of an extremely higher quality...

Now I don't have the Cineform Studio installed but I did install the decoder... Do you have any idea why this is happening? I was really excited about this workflow but I'm not seing anything impressive on my machine currently...

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I see people asking this sort of question a lot - if you're serious about it, just sell it and get the camera that has the features you want.  I had a 7d - shot with it for 3 years, sold it, got a 5dmkIII and am very happy with the upgrade, it just is a better camera in every way and IQ is improved besides the full frame advantage.  I don't understand all these questions about "does it support the 7D, does it support x rebel..." why bother honestly?

I don't understand why you don't understand this. I switched to nikon last year, but I still have my 7d. It's about to be sold, but would get a new lease of life as a raw shooter. I'm not about to invest in canon gear again, especially as I have no ff canon lenses. Anyhoo, I've seen magic lantern getting certain things to work on the 7d. From what I've seen of this hack there is little actual processing that's going on. And 7d is newer generation than 50d, so I may just hold my breath a little :)
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I'm trying Andrew's VMWare/Windows/RAWanizer process on my MBP.  I think I have done everything right, but my results are getting weird coloring and such.  This is from the 50D with the ML raw stuff setup.  Trying to find a good workflow so I can use the footage with Davinci Resolve alongside my BMCC footage.  

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? 



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Andrew - have you tried the Adobe DNG Converter ? I am curious if the files it creates can be used in Davinci Resolve directly... It does have full batch support - drop entire directories and convert at once.


There is a Mac version here: 




I have used it to convert the DNG files created by Magic Lanterns raw2dng utility.

Files created using Adobe DNG Converter have proper thumbnails and can be viewed in Preview as well.

Alas, I am holding off on the hackintosh until I figure out if Hasswell is worth it - hence cannot run Resolve ATM.


Can you verify ?

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Andrew, what's your workflow with CineformRAW?

I managed to output 444 mov files, and I see that if I import them in CineformRAW there is quite some room to play around with them.


But right now I have no control over the conversion from .raw to .mov, I have the feeling there should be a step between RAWanizer and making the Cineform files.


The Cineform premium trial is a bit short at only 15 days. Would like to make the most out of it to see if this is what I want. In theory it sounds pretty sweet. But If I end up not using it, it's $299 down the bin... no way to sell it on I suppose.

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Sorry for my noob noob question... Could you be so gentle to write at a dummy level the steps to convert the raw file in cineform files? I've got the cineform free but I continue to get an error and the raw2gpcf quit. I'm on win8 i7 16GB 680m...


Yeah I'm not really clear on that either.  When I run a raw file through Rawanizer I end up with 2 resulting files:


1. A copy of the RAW file that is slightly smaller than the original that was being converted

2. A proxy .MOV that's less than 10MB, which will play but doesn't seem to open in NLE's.


I just need a clear answer as to what the end result should be here, which file is the one that you want to use?  Is it the .RAW?  The .MOV?  If it is the .mov why is it so damn small?

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Alas, I am holding off on the hackintosh until I figure out if Hasswell is worth it - hence cannot run Resolve ATM.




Argh it sucks to be a spectator. My fast cards have yet to arrive to me. :(


To Uninexus I say Hasswell is nice at least in one thing. The new 1150 mobos have minimum of 6 x Sata III ports (future proofing).. 

I would choose a model with a thunderbolt port/ports on it.  What comes to the CPU it self. It might be beneficial on the long run. If some one optimizes properly for it. Perhaps Adobe Premiere Pro 7 (the fcken cloud version might use it's code extensions)


SPEED is everything Obey your speed .. needs. AS it turns out the world of RAW likes speed.

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