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  1. I'm trying Andrew's VMWare/Windows/RAWanizer process on my MBP.  I think I have done everything right, but my results are getting weird coloring and such.  This is from the 50D with the ML raw stuff setup.  Trying to find a good workflow so I can use the footage with Davinci Resolve alongside my BMCC footage.   Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? 
  2. I think I figured out my ISO problems.  I think my settings were just plain wrong.  Haha... Things seem to be looking much better.  I picked up a BMCC earlier last week right before reading about the 50D developments and picking one of those up.  Now i'm overwhelmed with all of this new stuff.  I have been trying to get the 50D footage to work with Davinci Resolve.  Is there a work around for it?  I'm new to Davinci as well, so I'm trying to learn it as well as the ML 50D RAW workflow....and the BMCC....all at the same time.  haha.  Once I convert t
  3. Julian,   I've been testing with the latest test build, but am not seeing the same low-light quality you are getting in your tests.  Am I doing something wrong or setting something wrong?  I'm getting grossness at 1600 ISO.  Is there an option or something you are changing in ML?  Thanks for your help and all of great stuff going on here!  Keep up the awesome work!
  4. I agree with you. It is probably not going to be anyone's primary camera. Certainly not my only camera. But we should all be really excited about the potential of this inexpensive little camera. It is very much a niche use but there really isn't anything else anywhere near this price range that can do what this camera does. This is why I love this site. It encourages squeezing the most potential out of video/photo tools! I love hearing everyone's thoughts!
  5. I shared 4 sequences of raw stills from the V1 (120 images) for folks to try out their own methods/workflows. I wanted to see how the footage would process through plugins like Twixtor/Motion/etc. I chose to slow things down to 10% with Apple Motion. I used the Optical Flow setting and was really impressed with the results. I scaled things down to 1080p for sake of Vimeo and sharing. After seeing what can be done with these little 1.25 second clips, I would say this is a seriously cool feature and definitely worth the sub-$300 people are spending on these little cams! Feel free to downl
  6. Hey everyone, Several of you were interested in playing with the raw 4K burst shots so I thought I would take some with the V1 to share with you all. Here are links to 4 different 30fps bursts. Raw straight from the V1. Each shot is around 10MB, so these are fairly large zip folders. Enjoy! http://tinyurl.com/ag89cgx http://tinyurl.com/d3panys http://tinyurl.com/ca6cduk http://tinyurl.com/cz5sh2l
  7. I agree with Tony, this method helps teach. You get 1.25 seconds per shot (based on 24fps playback). You only have 1 second to film each shot, so shoot carefully. haha. Piecing together even the making of the latte required a good bit of thought and planning. If I miss the final pouring of the milk, then the barista is going to have to make another latte just so I can get the shot again. Shooting like this with the V1 like this can only improve your skill. I like it because it makes me be more focused on what exactly I want to capture. Instead of just pushing record, filming for a f
  8. Hey everyone, looking forward to seeing some of the cool stuff that you all come up with using the V1. I got mine yesterday and shot this little piece today. Nothing fancy, but impressed with what it can do. Definitely won't replace my HDSLR's but it is a fun tool to use and play with. Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/61774105
  9. These guys are correct, there are quite a few apps that allow you to stitch the photos together. I had used Time-Lapse before to make timelapses so it was the first app I opened up to do it. There are dozens of ways to go about it. This was just what worked fairly quickly for me. This is the app here. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/time-lapse/id451563308?mt=12
  10. For those looking at a non-Davinci workflow, I simply loaded all of the raw images into Aperture for Mac. Picked the first shot frame in the sequence and manipulated it to my liking. Then I copied those adjustments to the other 29 frames in the particular shot. Next, I exported all of the frames as JPEGs into another folder and loaded all of those shots into a little few dollar time-lapse making app. Set the output video to be 24/25/30/etc. fps. This seemed to work really well if you are just wanting to quickly piece together your shots to see what you got! I would love to hear what othe
  11. I picked up a V1 kit yesterday on clearance from a US store called Microcenter. I even found one that was "open box" return and got it for $330. Been shooting all day today with it. The 60fps thing confused me for a bit. But to clarify, the camera will only do a burst of 30 frames. if you set it to 60, it will still only do 30 frames, but it will do them in half of a second instead of 1 second. The only advantage to shooting with JPG instead of RAW is that it will finish writing a bit faster, so you will be able to start shooting again. Is this correct?
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