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  1. With my admittedly kinda slow/painful workflow now (raw2dng > camera raw > tiff > quicktime image sequence > .mov) i currently take full advantage of RAW processing in Camera Raw. With this new workflow does that processing take place in Cineform premium? Does it have the same level of controls/adjustments?
  2. Before I'm able to save up for an upgrade to a better system (~i7, 32GB ram, GTX, SSD kind of thang), I have to make my current OSX jawns work for a little while.... I know 4k editing is out of the question, but will I be able to clunk through editing RAW 1080 with my Macbook Pro (i5 2.4GHz, 8GB DDR3, 180GB SD [os/applications], 3TB external [video files])? Also, this wasn't answered earlier in the thread (possibly due to the fact that I'm just here asking questions and not contributing - sorry! help is very much appreciated)... but can this/ML in general be turned off? As in could I reco
  3. I have the GH2 and I have a 5d (classic) for stills, which I have been carrying around and swapping between daily. I've been wanting to jump over to one system for both, rather than carrying both with me/swapping around. This development has me seriously considering the MIII. There were times where I felt I'd miss the IQ coming from the GH2, but at this point the convenience of one system and potential of RAW is too attractive, even if the functionality is limited to short shots (as it currently is - though i'm hopeful). Possibly dumb/n00b question > I assume this is(/will be when relea
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