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  1. I see nikon in exactly the same way. In addition: after a nikon service I had to adjust AF fine tune on a couple of lenses. Manually. But then I noticed that the lenses were not focused through the viewfinder. Yes the focus screen shims had been setup incorrectly. SLRs have mechanical components with tollerences and inconsistencies and things that move and change with time (and heat for all I know). I get about 8/10 keepers with the d800 autofocus. But the a6000 shows the SLR is not necessary for fast accurate AF. Let's get this in a pro camera. It allows for things like Face focus (including which eye to keep sharp), hyperfocal aperture priority mode. ( specify 2 focus points, camera selects aperture to keep them both in focus). It allows for tracking with intelligence and prediction: for video this means organic looking follow focus. But really there is a bigger point here: its not about what nikon or Sony or Olympus engineers can design; imagine if computers only ran Microsoft software, or how sucessful the iPhone would've been with a closed app ecosystem. The real coup will be from the first hardware manufacturer to provide an open montetised application environment for these computers that also happen to be imaging devices.
  2. Its a bit off topic, but love the soundtrack - went looking for the band and the non-demo version of this track isn't a patch on it.
  3. I don't understand why you don't understand this. I switched to nikon last year, but I still have my 7d. It's about to be sold, but would get a new lease of life as a raw shooter. I'm not about to invest in canon gear again, especially as I have no ff canon lenses. Anyhoo, I've seen magic lantern getting certain things to work on the 7d. From what I've seen of this hack there is little actual processing that's going on. And 7d is newer generation than 50d, so I may just hold my breath a little :)
  4. does anyone know how likely a 7d version is?  Getting raw with envy.  ho ho.   Seen this question asked everywhere i nobody seems to know.  I'm only hanging on to my 7d in the vague hope that it will shoot raw.  Its got the right ingredients:  CF card, fast FPS, newer generation than 5dmk2... 
  5. That video is gob-smacking.  I did, in fact, smack my gob.   So, how about 50p @720?  Possible?
  6. Ok, now I am slightly annoyed that I went D800 for stills + separate video option. :o the video looks gorgeous. And of course it proves once and for all that there are no hardware limitations on camera manufacturers giving us raw video, at this level of camera. There would be huge rewards for the first company to open up camera firmware in the same way apple did with smartphones - but just like apple it would have to come from a company that had no products that it was going to cannibalise sales from. Nikon could do this, but they're too conservative I think. So its down to blackmagic, then. :)
  7. shame its not 1080 50p.  I wonder how it compares to the nex 5n.   I have to say what I've seen of the stills so far look gnarly.  lots of clumpy shadow noise
  8. I'm sure its nothing a bit of grading and shed loads of grain cant fix ;)
  9. Need to get this straight: Are they using the e-mount with a full frame sensor? In which case native emount lenses can only be used in crop mode, and alpha lenses (and everything else) will be used with an adaptor. IS that right?
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