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X-T3 F-Log vs. HLG comparison

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11 minutes ago, TheBoogieKnight said:

Hi there

Could I ask the point of this (throwing away levels)? Is there any science behind it?

To be compatible with Cineon log workflow.


5 minutes ago, mercer said:

And aren’t those black levels recoverable in post?

Yes. But we are talking about efficient use of code values of encoding in-camera.

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Fooling around with HLG. Adjusted curves using a waveform and added some saturation.  It definitely seems a bit cleaner then log. Skin tones looked good according to the vectorscopes.   

The Input color space is the camera color space : Rec.2020 (Scene) for F-log Rec.709 Gamma 2.4 for film simulations Rec.2020 ARIB STD-B67 for HLG  

Wow that looks nice. Just about a perfect exposure.

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Hi, i've read alot about this and still can't work out which is the best to use. At home when i play around with both log and HLG i can get good results but i find F-Log i get better results, but isnt HLG ment to be better and have more dynamic range and information? Is F-Log actully better for holding more color information?

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Best to use is 'unique' to you as in how well can you shoot Flog and how well can you grade it?

I find it tough as a hybrid wedding photographer so used HLG for a while, but actually gone back to shooting Eterna again.

Eterna of course is not as recoverable in the highlights as correctly exposed HLG but it's what works for you.

I may go back to HLG but then matching up XT3 footage with Mavic Air with OSMO Action and sometimes static 1" sensor Sony camcorder is a PITA!

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