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Canon on a budget advice


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I'm helping an NGO set up a community documentary project in the Philippines and was asked for recommendations for a (second) camera for this activity. 

They already purchased a Canon 77D kit for this so I think it's good to stick with the system - but I don't know my way around Canon at all :)

I'd like to invest in a body and one more decent lens that complements the kit. 

None of this needs to be fancy - project participants are new to shooting and image quality is less of a consideration than ease of use and decent compression. Should be okay to use an entry level shotgun on it though.

Another option would be a good compact which has a usability concept not too different from the 77D. 

Budget for this is around 600 Euros.

Thanks in advance, appreciate your help!

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If you're happy to buy used I would get Canon m50 with kit lens and then get cheap 3rd party ef-m adapter and the ef-s 50mm 1.8 stm lens for low light, interviews etc.

Makes matching cameras easy, has the great AF, is tiny, and is actually a bit sharper in hd than what you've already got. 


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