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4x4 filters for matte box


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I searched the forum, but could not find a topic about the filters.
I am interested in 4x4 (100x100mm) filters to use with a matte box.
For photography, I'm using circular variable ND 10 stop and it's very good. It can be used for video, when not using a matte box.
So, in sunny conditions to shoot at 1/48 at F/T 1.4-2 I have to use that 10 stops I guess.

I'd love to shoot some wide open in daylight, meaning I probably need ND1000?
I can stack 2 filters, but would rather use one, to get the best image quality.

What do you guys use?

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But which filters do I need? For example, I'm shooting with Fuji X-H1, F-log (ISO800), F1.4. Could ND1000 be close enough or do I need to stack them more?

Of course, it's difficult to say exactly, it really depends on light. But generally speaking, which filters should I be looking? 

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3 hours ago, wa666ou said:


Are there variable NDs that can be used with matte box?

Most variable NDs are just two polarizers that rotate. When they line up and let the most light through then they’re at minimum. That’s why you get those weird star shaped artifacts in the bokeh when you’re stopped down a ton on a vari-ND and your lens is wide open. 

To get vari-ND on a matte box you need at least two stages and one stage has to be able to rotate. You should be able to drop in two polarizers and replicate the same effect. This is optically inferior to simply dropping in a single filter with the amount of ND you need, but it works. If you wanted to add a grad filter to a setup like that you’d need a three stage matte box.

There is one manufacturer, I can’t remember who (can anyone help?), that made a two stage matte box with a third stage that supports a circular vari-ND so that you can use your existing ND closest to the lens and had two standard 4x4 trays for whatever else you want to add. 

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