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Vintage NX-1 Camera! New Video! May 2018


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Hey Boys thanks for the Kind words. And the Critique :blush:

Man This Video is a Hit Only been out 3 days and it's almost 70 views and 3 likes and I gained a New Sub... Up to 11 now!  and it's Still Unlisted..... Watch out Casey Neistat

Has a ultra contrast, A hot Mirror, Vari ND filter and standard UV Filter... 

As for settings I Can Tell you off the top of my head... the Black lvl is +8 and its Normal DR 


These Filters Knock the Famous 6.5 K to 4k Sharpness Down a bit. it's just your in pain if you get Flared by the sun with this set up...  Well sometimes its cool I got A few strange otherworldly shots But I Need to strap on Matte box.

That shot with my hand in it is me blocking the sun.

And Nope the AF is Not working one bit I think it because the Contrast Filter has many little Specks in it that forces darker areas to be brighter. The AF is fine without the contrast filter though.

All in Davinci Resolve

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On ‎2018‎-‎05‎-‎26 at 8:43 AM, Juxx989 said:

Hey Boys thanks for the Kind words. And the Critique :blush:

... Has a ultra contrast, A hot Mirror, Vari ND filter and standard UV Filter... 

I know nothing about "contrast filter" in photo (will search about), also I see lots of them in advertising for sunglasses and auto use.
I think it should be a kind of polarised plus some-blue (UV) and maybe-some-red (IR) filter of some kind and this could interfere with a lot of opticals in the camera, including other polarised filters. . .
The only polarised filter I use is CPL.

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On 5/24/2018 at 2:01 PM, Juxx989 said:



Recently I took my antiquated Collectors Edition NX-1 out for nostalgia purposes. Came up with this.

Shot it with the S-Lenses. Mostly 16-50 + 4 filters over it

(BTW Autofocus is null & void with 4 Filters stacked on it)

Ungraded Still below if Interested





What matte box did you use with NX1? Do you have a link to it? Also what is name of brand of filters and where can I buy them?

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  • 5 months later...

I reply to my own reply. . . two steps above.
I did find physical contrast filter for cameras, from a company which give no details (explications!) and show only 100% transparent (?), but in specifications were details as for an ND filter with up to x5.
All other contrast filters were in software.

It is true that an ND filter in certain conditions will increase contrast, but only in certain conditions and not generally!
Some other layers as UV / IR / bit yellow / bit red / CPL could hepl.

So, I presume is not a filter to use very often :frown: and probable usefull only when a lot of light available.

Anyway, I will remember this trick, but most probable will use software to cheat the nature and have more vivid images! :mrgreen:

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