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  1. For handheld run and gun stuff the 16-80mm f4 is also really good
  2. tbonne

    Fuji X-T4

    I'm 100% a hobbyist and only have the Samsung NX 16-50mm S to compare with but the Fuji 16-80mm really is good for video work. sed it on my XT3 and have now switched to XT4. Battery grip to give the XT3 a bit more weight combined with OIS on the 16-80mm makes a god hanheld setup. Only thing is the motor on the (my?) lens makes this high pitched noise. You get the same?
  3. I can't compare to the XT4 but swapped my NX1 for an XT3. NX1 ergonomics and menu is far better. Lowlight is better in the Fuji and you'll get 4K 60P (if you're interested in that). 120 fps in the Samsung was surely usuable (and with audio). I'm a hobbyist so I don't use my camera daily but it has taken me a year to get used to the Fuji. Mostly do videos. I don't regret switching but retrospectively I could easily have gotten more out the NX for a few years. Should mentioned that I used native NX lenses. The stabilization with 16-50s 2-2.8 is superb. Used that lens 90% of the time even though I had Luca's speedbooster. Only thing comparable for the Fuji is 16-80mm (which is f4). I agree with @Geoff CB that the system requires native lenses. Question is if it's worth going the NX route at this point (and I'm saying this as a big NX fan).
  4. Haven't had any problems either using the system with XT3. However, always in close proximity to the reciever. When testing is seems that more than 10-15 metres away and with any obstacles inbetween is likely to create problems.
  5. Take a look at Bryn North's youtube channel. He has one video with Matt Hunter in Madeira. Pretty sure he used a GH5 and his parter a 1DX ii. They used to do a bunch of videos for Specialized's athletes. I know cause my better half is one, so I hung around Bryn and Etienne for a while. They would always go light and stealth with a GH5 & 1DX ii and do amazing stuff
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