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  1. it's just me filming as it's a hobby and not my job. I was thinking maybe an alternative is a wireless lav (sennheiser?) on the rider and have the receiver back through a preamp (SD or Zoom)? Then i can add a second mic on my gimbal (ride videomic pro or ntg) inti a second channel. im generally no more than 100m or so from the rider although line of sight could be a problem. Alternatively, lav mic into a zoom h1 mounted on the rider.
  2. Ok cheeds re the xlr to 3.5. I have the bike mic'd up with an Instamic but it sounded horrible on a carbon frame as the sound resonated through the hollow carbon. I can play with the positioning but ideally i would use that as a backup only. I have taped the zoom on the bike before but you need use a lav mic to otherwise it picks up sound all over the place. Im trying to sort sound via the camera as a primary source, then i can drag in other sounds if they are any good. I still have to do a lot of on bike mic placement tests to try and get a consistent good result.
  3. Everyone was such a huge help in my MTB video thread, i need some more help this time with audio solutions. Im using a videomic pro with a deadcat into the Fuji XT3. It sounds pretty good. I am wondering if there is a 'better' option to give better sound straight out of the bag or is it a case of needing to work in the sound in post software? I was thinking a sound devices mixpre3 (i only need 2 channels max) coupled with a rode ntg4+ (rechargable battery appeals). I would mount both on the dji ronin. Or should i run an ntg into my zoom h1 and then into the camera? Any advice and direction? I can't find anything on what the pros are using.
  4. Yep i've watched that clip. Very cool. I'll check out more of his stuff. Autofocus was always good on the Sony. Another challenge i face is low light. When i did my first MTB attempt with the Sony i had some underexposed shots (slow motion was massively underexposed) using the 18-105 f4 lens at f4. We were under heavy tree cover with overcast sky. For the X-T3 i went with the 18-55 2.8-4.5 as the main lens hoping to somewhat counter that and i also grabbed the 35 f2. If i still have issues the 16mm f1.4 is probably the solution.
  5. Filmed 4k @ 60p and edited in Resolve 4k @ 24p timeline. Aaaaaand now i realise why i am the Mayor of Noobtown.... I slowed to 50% instead of slowing to 40% hence the stutter. Human error to the rescue! PS i watch your videos on youtube all the time mate
  6. Yep and it bugs me. I was rushed and the shutter was set at 125 instead of 120 but surely that wouldnt make it jittery so much? So im not sure if i stuffed some other settin? Any ideas? I now have shutter on the top dial set to T and i use the rear dial to set the rate at 48/120/240. Im hoping that fixes it.
  7. Picked up the Fuji X-T3. Bribed my daughter with Maccas to model for a few minutes. No face or eye detect because i was rushing and just didn't think about it. You will see a few spots where it loses focus for a split second but if i had face tracking on at least i'm sure it would have been fine. Hopefully i uploaded the clip correctly.
  8. Just to close this off, the 3 options i considered were A7iii, Canon 1DX ii, Fuji XT3. I went with the Fuji XT3. It's a nice size. Cheap. I figured worst case if it can't do the job i'll buy a 1DX ii on top.
  9. It's just a hobby and will remain that way, i'm fortunate to afford good gear for my hobbies. I'm in Australia. There is a used IDX ii with 140k shutter count for sale which is US$1.1k more than a brand new A7iii. Being able to use Canon lenses for 2 cameras balances out that difference. Although i'm not to sure about buying a used one...... So costs being equal you'd still suggest the A7iii route?
  10. Hey thanks mate. I appreciate your responses. I have gone back over my original list of wants the input here and revised the cameras down to 2 models. Autofocus really is something i want over all things. The Sony A7iii and the Canon 1DX ii have that and i shouldn't try and convince myself a different camera is going to magically do the same job. Given i have a BMPC 4k on order, a major benefit with getting the Canon is i can just buy the 1 set of lenses which helps ease the price. If i pickup a used 1DX ii body then there would be not price difference for me going one way or the other. So from the perspective of purely shooting video, between a Sony a7iii and a 1DX ii,it would be daft of me to not go with the 1DX ii yeah? I'd be running it on the DJI Ronin S.
  11. Cheers snowbro i hadn't seen that clip. It's awesome. Their image looks crystal clear and the colours very natural to the eye. I can see the bloke with the ronin running with a Sony A7*** but i'm not sure what other cameras they used. Do you know? I was looking at the highsight system which you can mount a DJI Ronin M to but i'll get a new camera before i spend bucks on one of those. Found it, filmed with a RED.
  12. Yeah i already have a hero 7 and i have done POV to death. I've also got a couple of hero 4s with gimbals, chest plates, ronin s, zhiyun v2(for a lighter setup), gimbals with remote control panning. I already have the wiral lite cable cam which just arrived. I also have 10 race drones mounted with a variety of hero 7s, session 5s, insta360 one, insta360 one x (i don't use DJI drones as you can't send them through trees and expect them to live). I've got a fair whack of toys lol. It's the A6300 colours i wasn't overly liking. The supporting gear i have is pretty cool. FWIW this is my POV footage using gopros - MTB Canberra snaps.mov
  13. I want to video mountain biking (video and riding are a hobby but riding became to high risk so i'm focusing on video for my enjoyment). My first attempt this weekend went well using a Sony A6300 with 18-105 on a DJI Ronin S. However, the camera struggled massively with colours. I already have on order a blackmagic pocket 4k but i didn't intend to use it for MTB'ing (FWIW i have owned the BMPCC and BMMCC). I already owned a GH5 and the autofocus was hopeless so i'm not looking to buy another one even if they claim it's fixed. I narrowed down to 3 camera choices. The Fuji X-T3 or going to a Canon C100ii or C300. 90% of shots are filmed 16mm-18mm at f2.8-f4 up on subjects doing 40km/h-60km/h. 10% of shots using 30mm-50mm. I don't require shallow DOF. The autofocus on the Canon is great. The autofocus on the Fuji was said to be better than Sony initially but now i'm seeing videos on youtube saying it's worse. My worry on the Fuji is here. The colours on the X-T3 look awesome in footage i have seen. The Canon will also look great. My concern for the Canons are buying an older camera which doesn't produce a better image than a smaller package like the X-T3. So i have a chunky camera for nothing so to speak. Audio - i mic the bike itself for the main sound source. XLR inputs isn't a necessary thing, i plug in my Rode mics to the camera and it's fine. Is a 2018 X-T3 with 10bit 4k enough to rival the image of a 2011 C300 or a 2014 C100ii ?
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