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  1. Excellent suggestion CyclingBen. Thank you for your insight
  2. Halation is more prominent on the Pro-mist 1 in comparison to the Black diffusion/ FX1.
  3. Yes. I've also used a Tiffen Black diffusion/ FX1. I prefer the Tiffen Black diffusion/ FX1 over the pro-mist. YMMV.
  4. @homestar_kevin I wouldn't suggest sending in your NX1 to a service center. My thinking is the same as you in regards to the error. I believe it's because of the adapter. I suggest avoiding taking stills with the NXL on the NX1. Stick to video only with the NXL + NX1 combo. I believe a re-occurring "Error 01" isn't good for the longevity of the NX1 shutter. Happy shooting!
  5. The HDMI clamp built into the Varavon Armor II standard cage for the NX1 makes for a solid connection. If all else fails, gaff tape.
  6. I'm experiencing the same "error 01" issue on my NX1 when taking a photo with the NXL & Nikkor Ai-S glass. The NX500 + NXL + Nikkor glass combination takes photos without the "error 01" issue. NX1 fw:1.41, NX500 fw:1.12. Vasile hack installed on both NX bodies.
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