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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K - GH5S killer?!?!?


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On 4/10/2018 at 12:54 PM, Snowfun said:

Does it matter if the Pocket 4K is better (or, indeed, worse) than any other camera on the market? If it does what you want it to do then isn’t that sufficient? I ordered one because I like the BM image - I don’t care if it’s better than a Panasonic, or Sony, or RED, or a barbie cam. Nor does it matter to me if a C200, A7S3, RED Hydrogen etc etc are “better”. Mine might be bigger (sorry, better) but that’s irrelevant? Other cameras are inevitably better at some things and not so good at others.

But if we are playing that game, then I think for the majority of consumers then no, the GH5 is the ”better” buy if only for stabilisation and auto-focus. Convenience is a massive advantage for a lot of people. 

In my opinion, the Pocket 4K is better IFF the priority is the image.

But I can’t wait to see if 25k ISO is even remotely useable...

Maybe because the days of going and testing a camera in store are long gone and people want to know how cameras compare before they spend $2K or more on a camera. 

It all matter when some cameras have color science that you have to correct or AF that doesn't work very well or does the life long Canon shooter move to Sony and give up all the Canon glass he's purchased.  

It also matter in a message board like this to look for information beyond You Tube influencers because they some time have an agenda. 

On 8/10/2018 at 8:55 PM, webrunner5 said:

This is a pretty unbelievable video, not mine,  shot with Bmpc + Metabones Speedbooster+ sigma art 18-35. God they can look great.


Is the bmpcc still worth looking into? That's the original Blackmagic pocket camera right?  I know very little about that camera. 

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Yeah they are a great camera, no an unbelievable camera yet in this day and age. Mercer just bought a BMMCC which is the micro version of it. That and the BMCC all have that same look.  They are a great leaning tool. But they are all manual everything in a sense, terrible battery life. But have a Cinematic, creamy look to them that very few Affordable camera have. And they do Raw, and ProRes. That is what makes them special. They have a s16mm sensor in them. So there is a lot of old movie camera lenses around you can use for the,m. Most people use a Speedbooster on them and use Nikon lenses mostly. They have a m4/3 native mount

I don't know if I had the money and wanted to get into BMD cameras I would try to find the first edition 4K PK4 with the cDNG in it. They are a lot more advanced. They don't have the same creamy look, more sharp now, but still a great learning tool, and a great more modern output that is in now. But for 400 dollars or less at times the original BMPCC is a incredible Cine camera for the money.

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The only consideration is the lack of SD cards that work in the Pocket/Micro cameras and Video Assist.

If you look into it you'll see that sandisk 95mbs extreme pro cards are drying up and the newer san disk cards do not work or get recognized by the pocket/micro/video assist.

That's the biggest issue/threat to these cameras at this time and there doesn't appear to be help coming from Black magic.

All that said, I have 2 pocket camera bodies and love them very much

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