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Andrew Reid

Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down

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Bob ain´t sellin cars. And Lee Moses is a forgotten Soul genius or even more true: he´s hardly been recognized in his time. Youtube can be still a place to find gems like this. I always feel disgusted with the current youpoop startpage, so I have a link in my bookmarks with AF100 as a search term:)


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As an GenX'er having raised two Millennial daughters (both adults now) and currently raising my GenZ son, I could go on and on about the narcissistic breakdown of today's youth and their nearly constant need to consume mindless and callus media with the promise of instant gratification and self promotion. 

But then I think back to when I was their ages watching shows like:

  • Ren & Stimpy
  • South Park
  • Beavis & Butthead
  • MAD TV
  • In Living Color
  • MTV in general

Hopefully I'm not spoiling this for anyone but one should realize that "reality" TV is 99% scripted/produced. Yet, that doesn't stop most of us from mindlessly consuming it in one form or another. Vlogging, Vines (coming back) Instagram, these are largely spin-offs of reality tv. Pick your poison, we all have a guilty pleasure or two, or three, or... 

Although the line over the last 30 years has increasingly been blurred, there is still a line, and Logan crossed it 100%, without a single doubt. He knew it, YouTube knows it. It was a failed attempt to test how far Logan (and YT by proxy) could push his audience and it completely backfired, as it rightfully should. I do not blame all the outrage, in fact I find it quite appropriate for anyone who posses half a heart within them. 

I believe this needed to happen. We needed to see if THAT line still exists with today's audiences, and the positive net outcome is a resounding yes. The fact that we are having this discourse is proof. And what better useful idiot to test this than someone like Logan Paul. 



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