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And so i joined the party. Thanks guys!

Milton Lopes

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Gotta thank you all for everything i could learn since i`ve found and started reading this site and this forum. I'm finishing film school right now, barely finished editing my first Doc, and today is a great day for me.

Since i've started reading Andrew`s posts on the blog and following the discussions on this forum i started to fall in love with anamorphics. They're pretty hard to find around here and i wanted a small lens, that could fit well in my G7. 1.5x is what i aimed for, as the 4K photo on the G7 only does 30p, and i really preffer the 24p look. After some months monitoring the biggest used gear website around here i've finally came across an YashicaScope 8mm. Converting the price to dollars, it costed me only 100$ and got no scratches, fungus, os dust. It`s crystal clear. Loved that thing and it weights so low it doesn't even make a difference. Unfortunatelly i couldn't buy a clamp yet, as they're non existent around here and doing imports this time of the year in my country is know your gear is gonna fall into a black hole to never be seen again, so all the tests i've done are with me holding the lens with my hand in front of the camera, no good for alignment. But i wanted to share them with you guys, as without everything i've read here along those years it simply wouldn't be happening right now and it is time in wich i could be helping other people, just as you all helped me along those years.


I've tested the lens with the 14-42mm kit lens, as it was my only lens wich the frontal element was small enough so i could press the anamorphic against the lens without risking to scratch it. I could go as wide as 25mm without major vigneting problems (theres a slight vignete at 25mm, but if you crop from 2.66 to 2.39 it should be gone). It is double focus and i'm still trying to figure out how to do it right, but as it is just a 1.5x lens the focus peaking still worked well enough on most of my shots and it's been easier than i thought it would be, with a clamp it should be better, as i won't have to be holding the lens with my hand. It seemed sharper than i thought it would be based on the few tests i could find on youtube. Here are some frame grabs. First one is 25mm, so you guys can see the slight vignetting. Shots 2, 3 and 4 are at 35mm,  it seemed to me a good spot to shot, as it got no vignetting at all. The last image is at 42mm, the end of my zoom. I've shot all the images on f/5.6. Tried to bring my 85mm f/1.8 with speedbooster to test, but its frontal element was to big and the light leaking made the image a total mess. I did just some quick grade using filmconvert and lumetri.

Hope you guys like them and sorry about my english, writing and speaking aren't things i fully domain.







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Welcome and congrats on a nice deal! Not that you asked (or that you didn't already know), but I'd recommend checking out a Rapido set if you're thinking about more anamorphics down the line, particularly those 8mm babies. They're cheap and often universal to other lenses:


Nice tests, too!

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