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Anamorphic for GH5


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Im looking to experiment with the anamorphic modes on my GH5. I require a single focus solution with 1.5-2x crop. Also looking for a nice set of taking lenses. Im using a Speedbooster x0.71 to EF.

Currently looking at the ISCO WIDE-SCREEN 2000 1.5x however I can't find one anywhere (UK) 

Thanks in advance!

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Good luck. 1.5x lenses are rare and expensive. 2x lenses work better for the GH5's anamorphic mode and you have a bit more in the way of options. Unfortunately, other than the imperial making SLR Magic rangefinder, there are no single focus adapters you can get right now. (Except lucky finds on ebay) And they are all very expensive.

Taking lenses are the easy part. Just look around and find what looks best for you.

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With the GH5 or any 4:3 capable modes. Shooting 2x is your best option to get 2.67 aspect ratio when desqueezed in post.

Any small sized 2x with Hardcore DNA is a great setup. Or if your keen to finding a 1.5x, then shoot in 16x9 mode with any camera. But you will be waiting a long time and spending $$$$ for a 1.5x single focus. 

Thank God I was able to find a Iscorama pre-36 on eBay just over a year ago. Best investment ever for an anamorphic lens solution imo.

The Kowa 16H, 8z, etc. are the ones to look out for. 

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I have the GH4 and there is also a very convenient combo especially for run and gun: You can pair the 35-100 2.8 quite nicely with the Iscorama. You have a light weight, stabilized zoom combo. Even autofocus does work (so so). Of course it has not the character like a combo with old basic-vintage primes but it works quite nice and adds some character to the sterile GH4/5 video.


....Ah sorry.... got something wrong here: I read Iscorama and 1.5 stretch... and thought you own one :-)

You should also watch out for ELMOSCOPE II

They are cheaper then Kowa B+H and I am sure they are on the same level (sorry Tito: loved your comparison but I think you had a bad Elmo for the test ;-) ) In fact Elmo had and still has the best reputation and made the best projectors and fantastic projection lenses. I own four projectors and several lenses. My Elmoscope II is brilliant and easily as good as my Iscoramas and Moeller. 

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