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Kowa 16H Is it due to balsam separation?


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Ok, here is a quick photo, it makes some kind of rainbow when the light pass through it.

I think it's balsam separation..

Do you think it will be worse in daylight?



I've notice that the smear is only visible on the footage when I'm focusing to infinity.

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I can't imagine how it might happen but it looks like micro cracks inside the lens. I have had a lens that I dropped in the past and it got a circular chip in the glass. It was a large chip that didn't separate but left the same rainbow like pattern you are seeing when viewed at the correct angle. If has large chips in the glass that have moved a tiny bit those areas can be softer which looks to me like what you are seeing in your footage. If the lens came arrived that way and was not listed as being damaged in the discription I would return it, if those are chips there is nothing you can do to fix it.

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itsa whatta yer calling delaminations innit

itsa what yer happenin when you droppa der ananorfink lens when yer usin a cheaps campa clampa

it drops or knocks der metal reverbs true der tubei housing init 

it sens shocka wave inder glasses matrix a delaminating occurins in der complex cemented doublets init

it impact seperation damages from poor owner abusings

  slapping  banging opticals violent likes init

like harvey weistein knockin on yer hotel doors at night creatin waves of tesla ocillations vibrations

it looks bad doctor bones maybe terminulls

ask for a refunds quick likes

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I agree with sending it back if the option is still there. If you got a deal too good to abandon (namely free), mark the positions and open it up yourself, but given the prior opening signs to the rear, my amateur opinion is that it is indeed a separation between elements and in need of a new cementing (and probably not worth the price).

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Thanks for the feedbacks, the seller have accepted to get it back.

I've learned that fixing it is at the risk of the owner and will cost as much as buying a new one.

At least I know how to double focus correclty now, I hope it won't be too long before I find another one. I really liked this KOWA.

If someone wants to sell their Kowa 8Z /16H or B&H..


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