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GH2 sensor goes into impressive Panasonic G6, adds 1080/60p and focus peaking!

Andrew Reid

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That is absolutely correct, but just to make it double clear: while YouTube compression can bring a bazzillion types of artifacts it will not render your perfect full HD resolution, carefully encoded video into something this soft:
(or, in other words, it cannot turn GH2 worthy footage into that low resolution video)

Oh really?

I don't think the difference is leaps and bounds.
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By this logic all hacks/patches must render near identical detail...     ...and let's not forget, there's no details given regarding camera settings, lenses, the method used in editing, or anything

this camera keeps the legacy of the gh2 moving forward for a few more years Im very pleased this G6 has been released - Panasonic are listening that we all say the gh2 sensor has some special magic a

why does everyone need peaking? - just focus it with your eyes - people have been doing that for over 100 years on film !! it works!!   Technology is making people lazy!

Come on, have you read the posts I made and watched the videos I posted as well? And all of this regarding this very thread.

I know compression and I've seen many times what it does to my footage and others' as well, and the difference in detail you can see on all of the videos that had been posted in this thread between those coming from the GH2 and the G6 is quite noticeable, hacked or not hacked, and does not respond to YouTube compression but rather the way the G6 processed video images or poor encoding on the uploader's side.
To see that this softness was common to all of the G6 videos online at the moment ruled out the latter cause.

Now, I have just seen this thread: http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/2660-panasonic-g6-vs-gh2-video-test/  and although it isn't very good it seems to show that the level of detail is closer to the GH2 than what could be seen in this thread's older samples, and that's a relief since I love mine and would love to have a newer version with improved features. That's great news.

But again, please take the time to read and watch a little bit more before throwing a pedantic "Oh really?" at me.

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I did read your post, my point was just that some of the GH2 footage that Panasonic uploaded looked quite soft, which points to the fault being on their end. Granted, the GH2 with 12-35 f/2.8 video I posted is a bit sharper than the G6 demo, but barely.  

I shouldn't have been such a smartass about it, sorry about that.

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