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Panasonic GH5 Review and exclusive first look at Version 2.0 firmware

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Firmware 2.0 for the Panasonic GH5 has been officially announced, and will be available for download at the end of September 2017. I've been testing a pre-production version of this on my camera

Yes it is possible to use 4:3 as a normal recording mode and crop to whatever aspect ratio you like, such as 16x9 It is only just dawning on me for some reason, that they added a 5K video mode, h

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Is it true, as Serge Broslavsky writes in his petition to Panasonic (written prior to firmware update v2), that ALL-I 400Mbps only delivers around 85% or so of the bits-per-pixel quality of IPB 150Mbps, and that IPB 400Mbps would have higher image quality, making grading V-Log Lite easier to grade? I'm asking because I haven't seen any samples in which ALL-I 400Mbps has convinced me that it is any better for still subjects.

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I have shooted tests using 30P 150Mbs ipb vs 400Mbs all-i. In quite static videos the ipb has little less compression faults than all-i. When watching enlargements of backgrounds the ipb vs all-i is like comparing high quality JPG vs medium quality JPG. In Adobe Photoshop JPG quality scale it is about quality 5 vs quality 7 (scale is 1-12) for stopped frame. IPB may cause some little odd things but it is very rare.

In motion the quality difference is backwards. All-i has less macro blocking but ipb is still very good. When making the final delivery version (ipb) the motion macro blocking is always worse than original. In static scene we may see the little compression difference in final rendering if using high enough bitrate.

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2 hours ago, wildrym said:

I've got some questions regarding GH5:

- Is the 1080p vfr (120 p etc...) , 10 bit or 8bit? Is it 200 mbps since v 2.0?

- does 4k 60p also benefit from 400 mbps? ( if not, i dont get it, since it would have improved compression issues using vlog)


GH5 1080P VFR has only 100Mbs 8bit 420 ipb codec

4k 60P has only 8bit 150Mbs 420 codec. Dont worry, the 4k60P in GH5 is very good. It is very hard to see macro blocking. 4k60P all-i would need about 800Mbs to be good.

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