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IBIS with GX85 and G85, Is it the same? Problems when PANNING, Help appreciated!


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No there is no repeating frames, that is 8 frames blended together so you can easily see that the movement is uniform over time. (distance is the same for each frame).
I also measured the edge of the blur compared to movement between frames and it is 1/50ss. However half of the dimmer tail of it is very faint as the bright parts swamp any dark trail making the knob below the M in 60MM look like 1/100 or even higher. This is expected behavior and is why high contrast is more prone to "strob" than more uniform background like a forest.

There is also the aspect that is is a linear phenomenon and the final grade will affect how the resulting "gradient" of motion blur looks.

Now there may or may not be some processing going on making the problem worse (I did not read the gh2 thread) and I have not enough data to go on with only one video, but what we can see is a pretty sharp fence jumping from one place to another making it look very non smooth or fluid. That is something that need fixing one way or another is those pans are gonna look smooth.


One thing to test, do a pan but take a photo in raw mode and compare that to a similarly shot video frame. That would tell us if there is digital processing involved in camera, or if it is some sensor behavior.
Just tossing out thoughts here.

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