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Fuji To Release Pro Video X Camera With IBIS


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What would concern me about Fuji doing IBIS is that the lens corrections they currently do are far from seamless without adding movement into it.

Could end up like a lava lamp.

Would've liked to have seen them take a chance on form factor as well instead of putting it in an X-T2 style box.

Something a bit more modular like a slightly bigger BMMCC (or even XC10) where you could have then have the EVF as a separate mountable addon etc. 

Otherwise its just going to be a bit of a me-too with nicer colours but a less flexible mount.

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3 minutes ago, jonpais said:

@BTM_Pix Or at least a much larger grip than on the X-T2.

If there is any company that will have a massive standoff amongst its users about adding anything video related (even an optional larger grip for more battery life and XLRs etc which you wouldn't be obliged to buy) its Fuji.

The poor man's/smart man's Leica purist vibe is strong in that community!

If they produced what I think they should (basically a video oriented mini RED) there would be skinny latte spat out over beards in Starbucks the world over when the news broke.

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