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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera S16 Crop Factor & Choosing Lens


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Wouldn't the 17.5mm be good for portraits? (52.5mm equiv), and the 25mm would be more telephoto? How do you think bokeh will look with an 8mm f/1.4? This is driving me crazy, especially with the FF 4K for $4k... Too much though, still.

Production camera is Super 35mm not FF.

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Hello! As a student currently learning about imaging, I think the best RAW start up camera would be the Pocket camera. (I have past experience too, but handy-cams and after effects don't look too pro

I don't think anything is going to give you that look on the BMPCC. I've been researching the same thing, and the focal length of lens you're seeking is 8mm.  While those lenses exist for s16mm, they

question is, if you want the look of a 24mm full frame, why not go 24mm full frame?

This is what I call the poor’s man wide angle lens for BMPCC :)


Currently use it on my GH2 and it will work even better on BMPCC. It’s a 14mm Panasonic lens + Wide Angle Converter.  In my case Sony VCL-ECU1 converter instead of the original Panasonic one. When I bought mine Panasonic one was not available yet. Learned about this strange combo on a forum a year ago. With the converter image is probably slightly less sharp in the extreme corners but still perfectly usable and OK for me. Much better than what I typically see from C Mount lenses. And it will be even less of a concern for video. There is some distortion but still acceptable for me. Fairly compact, light and relatively fast as f2.5 is retained with the converter  Don't know how they do it but there is no light loss. On BMPCC  14mm will become a nice bi focal lens - 40mm and 30mm at f/2.5 (0.75 conversion ratio ) Not bad for 350$ that paid for the combo. On BMPCC extreme corners will not be visible as the camera will use only the central portion of the 14mm lens frame. Distortion and slight blur in the corners will be pretty much gone. I am satisfied with this solution on GH2 and it will work even better on BMPCC. It's not the fastest lens but with GH2 on ISO 1600 it works in most of my low light shooting scenarios. On GH2 it’s the equivalent of 22mm lens and I rarely go that wide on video.  Interestingly Sony converter clicks on 14mm Panasonic lens and it’s fairly stable.

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Some say there is a half stop light loss with the converter. So the lens becomes f/3.2-3.5. Which seems very logical and reasonable to me. But interestingly GH2 still displays aperture f2.5 with the converter.  Maybe the lens tricks GH2 to believe it's a f/2.5 while it is f/3.2 ? But there is no change in histogram and exposure parameters with and without the converter. Don't see the light loss in the LCD or viewfinder too. So don't know what to think but let's be realistic and say there will be some half stop of light loss, even GH2 doesn't detect it. 

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